How To Choose a Cell Phone for a Disabled Person

Man in a wheelchair at work

The cell phone has become a ubiquitous device that almost everybody today uses. Among the many people who use mobile phones are people with disabilities. People with disabilities need certain considerations when it comes to the phone that will suit them best. Here’s how you can find the best phone.

Size. The size of the cell phone will matter greatly if the disabled has difficulty in using his hands. Today, manufacturers are trying to create smaller and slimmer mobile phones. These high-tech new phones, however, are not always the best bet for the handicapped, who may need phones that are larger and easier to hold. Apart from the over-all size of the phone, you should also focus on the size of the screen and the size of the keypad. The screen should be large enough to accommodate large text which will be easier to see for people with sight impairments. The keypad should also be large enough for a disabled person’s fingers.

Voice commands. If the person cannot always use his hands to access the mobile phone, one of the features that you should look for are the mobile phones that have voice command features. These features will allow the user to operate the phone using his voice alone. Apart from phones that have voice features, make sure that you have appropriate accessories such as microphones and Bluetooth headsets that will make it easy for the person to use the mobile phone without having to touch the phone and fiddle with it.

Testing. One of the best ways to choose a phone for a disabled is to let the person test drive the phone itself. As much as possible, bring the person to the shop on the day when you will buy the phone. Allow him to operate the phone and explore the various features. Ask for feedback from the person, so that you will be able to choose something better, if the phone that he is trying on does not work as well. You should also ask the sales clerks in the shops for phones that are specifically designed for disabled people.

Features. Just as with any other user, let the disabled choose a phone that has the features that he likes. Some will like phones that have built in radios or music players, while some want phones that have cameras. To keep the person from getting bored, you can also consider getting phones that have built in games or which have the capacity to download games. Also choose a phone that has an organizer and a calendar.

Protection Plans. Most mobile phone manufacturers have protection plans that can act as a type of insurance in case the cell phone is lost or snatched. These plans may add a few more dollars to the over-all bill, but can prove to be useful especially if the disabled has a tendency to lose things.

Just because the cell phone on the advertisement is sleek and expensive does not mean that it is user friendly or that a disabled person will find it useful. Through these steps, you should be able to find one that works.


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