How To Choose Cell Phone Plans

When choosing a cell phone plan, it's best to have a cynical outlook. Always read any terms through the mindset of "how is the cell phone company trying to take advantage of me?" This way, you can avoid disappointment and find a phone that fits in with your lifestyle. You can also look up the Better Business Bureau and see what types of complaints they are getting about particular cell phone networks.

Read the helpful guide below in order to find the best cell phone plan for you. And since you're hunting for cell phone deals already, why not also add great features in your upcoming phone. Check out Mobile TV!

Do Not Shop for a Phone
You do not just get a phone when you buy a cell phone.  You also become a member of whatever wireless network that cellular phone is automatically hooked up to.  This is why it's best to first choose a cell phone service, then the cellular phone plan offered by that network, and finally pick a phone that fits into that plan.

Ignore all of the latest gadgets on cell phones.  You may long for that brand new cell phone that makes pancakes, but if the cell phone network attached to it is unreliable, then making pancakes is all you can do when what you really needed was a way to make and receive telephone calls.  Stick to your needs and not your wants.

List What You Need the Plan to Do
Before you go to the electronics shop, sit down and list what you need your ideal mobile phone plan to accomplish.  This includes:

  • What countries or areas you need the most access to.
  • Are you calling immediate family members (children keeping in contact with Mom and Dad) or expect to get calls from anyone (such as traveling salespersons).
  • Accessing the Internet by phone is expensive.  Choose a plan to access the Internet only if you will not have access in any other way for a majority of your work day.
  • Ability to change the plan easily should your life circumstances change.
  • Access to a physical location like a store where you can meet a person face to face in case there is a problem with the phone.

You'll also need to make a rough estimate of how many minutes you spend on the phone in an average month.  Although you may decide on a prepaid cell phone plan if you only reserve the phone for emergencies, people with heavy phone usage (like an animal rescue worker) may prefer the unlimited use offered in a contract.

Take this list shopping and stick to it when you're doing your cell phone plan comparisons.  Don't let anyone pressure you to change it - even if a sale on a particular mobile phone ends in ten minutes.

If you've never had a cell phone before and really aren't sure what you need, then it's best to opt for a pre-paid plan instead of paying by monthly bill and getting surprised at how much time you waste on the phone.

Evaluate the Plan in Three Months
Try to avoid cellular plans that make you commit to a contract of more than six months.  This kind of cell phone deal ties you to the plan, whether you like it or not.

Many cell phone plans come with a trial period of around three months so you can taste the plan before you commit to it.  Even if your plan does not have a trial offer, still look at how the plan is working for you in three month's time.  It's time to get another plan if:

  • You are spending far more time trying to figure out how to work the phone.
  • You find lots of strange charges in your monthly bill.
  • You mysteriously lose minutes when on a pre-paid plan.
  • You can't get in contact with emergency services.

Fortunately, there are many cell phone providers from which you can compare cell phone plans - unlike the days of Bell Telephone's monopoly.


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