How To Clean a Cell Phone

The Best Way to Clean Your Cell Phone

You may ask yourself, "Why should I clean my cell phone?" I can answer you with some facts. The first fact is that cleaning your cell phone will prolong its life. The second fact is that, by cleaning your cell phone, you will get it looking much shinier. Consequently, you will not be so inclined to sell it; you can keep your money that you would have spent buying a new cell phone. Personally, I like to preserve all my stuff until it becomes useless to me; only then do I think to sell it.  Finally, it's an issue of hygiene: you're handling your cell phone constantly, but if it's not clean you may make yourself sick.  

Here I will describe how to clean your cell phone and to keep it looking good all the time.

Clean your cell phone safely.

  1. Remove the external parts. First off, you should remove the external parts of your cell phone like the cover and the keypad. And then you can clean every part easily. In some models, the keypad Cleaning your cellphonecan't be removed easily; don't remove it in this case. I mean the easily removed parts.
  2. Use rubbing alcohol. The second step is to use rubbing alcohol; it is the most effective cleaning agent you can use to clean your cell phone parts. You can add a little amount of rubbing alcohol on a small part of a clean cloth or a clean piece of cotton.
  3. Clean the buttons. You can use this small part of cloth to clean the buttons of your cell phone. The part of cloth imbued with rubbing alcohol will remove any small particles, oils, dust, etc. You will discover the great difference after you finish the cleaning process.
  4. Clean your cell phone's screen. Now you want to clean the display screen. This part is different from the other parts of your cell phone, so I suggest you use a glass cleaner to clean this part. Don't use the rubbing alcohol to clean it; use a clean part of cloth for this.
  5. Clean the cover of the cell phone. The cover of your cell phone can be cleaned easily using the rubbing alcohol, as I mentioned above, you should use a little amount of rubbing alcohol on a small part of cloth to clean it. If the cover of your cell phone can't be removed, don't try to remove it, but rather simply clean it externally.
  6. Clean the speaker area and the connectors. The speaker area can be also cleaned using the rubbing alcohol. There are other important parts to be cleaned also -- the connectors at the bottom of your cell phone. By connectors, I mean the place where the charger connects, the headphone connects, etc. You could use an unused toothbrush with a little amount of rubbing alcohol, and then start to clean the connectors to remove any dusts and small particles from these parts.

And if you want to preserve your investment and clean your cell phone less often, you should buy a cell phone case. Or if you're feeling creative, make a cell phone cover yourself!


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