How To Compare Different Phone Systems

When you run a business, it is necessary that you have a phone system that fits your company's needs. Getting the right system for your business is definitely a challenge, especially when you are just starting out. There are different phone systems designed for specific types of businesses. In choosing, you have to see how many employees you currently have and how large your company will grow. It will help you assess how many lines and extensions you will need for your business’ phone system. You would consider different factors in choosing the right system for your company.

Here are some factors in comparing phone systems:

  1. How many employees could a system handle? Different systems are chosen depending on the number of employees you have. Some systems can only hold a few users and some can handle many. 
  2. The system’s expandability. You should consider the future growth of your business or how much you expect that it will grow, for the fact that some phone systems are not expandable, so they are not suitable for a growing business.
  3. Benefits and downside of every phone system. Phone systems vary in different advantages and disadvantages. You should get to know the details of every system before choosing one.

To help you with this, here are the different systems that you may choose from:

  • KSU-less system. This system is basically for a company with less than ten employees. It is generally suited for small businesses. It is not wired in your office and it can be easily moved. It is also not expandable, so it can’t be used if your business will be expected to grow.
  • Key system. This is for companies that have employees ranging from five to forty.
  • PBX system. Also known as Private Branch Exchange system, this is suited for companies that have over forty employees. It is programmable and can support complex implementation. Its price difference from other systems, is small but there is a big difference in their functions.
  • VoIP system. Also known as a Voice over IP system. It offers many benefits such as cost savings, and functions through Internet lines, but you may also experience bandwidth limitations. 

In getting the right phone system, you should consider some tips. Always get extra lines by determining how many you will need and double the wiring. Ask the provider to test the system and demonstrate it, and then evaluate the quality of the phone system like the speaker, voicemail compatibility and accessibility to other extensions.

Sometimes you feel like the companies offering you a phone system are all good. But you have to choose the best one that would give you the most suited system for your own business. You could always check on their background information and look for feedback regarding their system. Use common sense to choose the right phone system that would meet your company’s needs.


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