How To Damage a Cell Phone

The cell phone is one of the easiest modes of communication. And it comes at a considerable price, which is why it is wise to take good care of your cell phone. If properly cared for, your cell phone can last several years and can save you from costly repairs. To help you take good care of your cell phone, here are the things you should not do.

  • Drop your cell phone in liquid.  It can happen practically anywhere there is liquid: toilet room, kitchen, pool, beach resort, and dining table, among others. If you accidentally drop your cell phone in water, there is 60 percent chance of it working again, given that it is taken out immediately and is allowed to completely dry before turning it on. But if it is submerged in other forms of liquid like soda, salt water, or soapy water, your cell phone might have permanent damages or might not work at all.
  • Knock your cell phone against a hard surface. If you knock it the first time, your cell phone might only incur minor damages like scratches and dents. But if it happens a lot of times, permanent damages are likely to ensue. Although cell phones are made to withstand physical battering, repetitive drops can greatly compromise their electronic circuit and battery. In this case, use of a protective casing is recommended.
  • Sit on your phone. Accidentally sitting on your phone leaves damages to its LCD. In worst cases, you may end up crushing the insides of the phone. Therefore, always make sure that your cell phone is not left sitting on your sofa, chair, or car seat. Avoid keeping it in your back pocket as well.
  • Expose your cell phone to extreme conditions. Extreme heat and extreme cold are both not good for the phone. An extremely hot place can specifically destroy the electronic circuit, battery, and other parts of your cell phone. An extremely cold place, on the other hand, may promote precipitation and leave moisture in your cell phone, which can be equally damaging.
  • Leave it in a humid place. Precipitation is a cell phone enemy. If you leave it in a place where there is likely to be precipitation and moisture, you are putting your cell phone to great risk. Steam shower, sauna, and locked car are some examples.
  • Overcharge your cell phone. One of the easiest ways to damage cell phone battery is to overcharge it. Ideally, you should not charge your cell phone for more than 12 hours. If you are using a car charger, unplug it after an hour.
  • Open your cell phone. If your cell phone is not working properly, do not, at all costs, open your cell phone and do your own diagnosis, unless of course you are a cell phone technician. Doing so can potentially worsen the damage. If your cell phone needs repair, immediately bring it to a certified technician and fight the urge to find out the damage yourself. 

There are so many things you can do to protect your cell phone. Unfortunately, there are as many things you can do to easily damage it. Your cell phone is like any of your valuable belongings. Take care of it and it will pay you back with a good service.


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