How To Dial Mexico from a Sprint Cell Phone

Calling a foreign country from the US is still a necessary skill, despite the availability of emails, video chats and social networks. If you can navigate your way through the Web to connect with someone from the other side of the world, then using a landline or cellular phone to connect with someone in Mexico should be easy.

Here are the steps for dialing Mexico from a Sprint cell phone:

  • Find out the city code of the Mexican city you are calling. Different cities in Mexico are assigned different codes, which you can easily find a listing of online.
  • If possible, call during off-peak hours. Cell phone network providers commonly charge much less for calls made during less saturated periods, usually near midnight. Contact a Sprint representative or visit its official website to find out about the hours and rates of these off-peak periods. While you're in contact with Sprint, you should also find out their rates for cell phone calls to Mexico, so you can properly budget your call. You can save a bundle as long as the person you are calling doesn't mind the odd hours of your conversation.
  • Dial 011, then 52, then the city code and phone number. Use this method when calling a landline. For example, when calling 772-3344 in Tijuana, dial 011526647723344. On the other hand, when calling a cell phone, dial 011, then 52, then 1, and finally the city code and phone number.
  • Take note that cell phone calls directed into the United States will charge the recipient for receiving the call. Other countries only charge the caller. To save on total fees, it is better that the call originates from you to Mexico.
  • Call a toll-free number in Mexico. You can contact a selected phone services for free by calling certain numbers. For example, dialing 01800-025-2525 can connect you with Telnor and provide you with information services.
  • Check if your cell phone can connect with the city of you choice in Mexico. Mexico has a GSM standard, which means that a Sprint call may not be able to connect with all Mexican cities. If your cell phone cannot reach your desired city, you may need to switch to a GSM phone.
  • Consider calling via Internet. VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) is mostly free on the Web. Both parties must have broadband connection and a desktop or laptop with microphone and speakers. The savings you make using this Web method can more than compensate for the less-than-convenient way to communicate via voice. Finally, use the Web to coordinate your call with the recipient, discuss the best and most affordable times to call, and sort out problems with connections and other issues. This will allow for a smoother, less frustrating cell phone conversation.

If you find yourself frequently calling Mexico, then ask a Sprint service agent for an international plan that provides special discounted rates. You can save a significant amount by following the stipulations of the plan, such as calling only during certain hours or that the recipient uses a similar phone.


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