How To Do a Reverse Phone Search for Free

Ever get a phone call from a number you didn't know? Weren't you just a wee bit hesitant about picking up? After you answer, one of three things can happen: the person on the other end dialed the wrong number by accident, no harm done; it is someone you knew all along trying to get in touch with you all along; or the person on the other end is prank calling you. If it's the last one, the perpetrators probably believe they can get away with it. They thought wrong. You can find out who is at the other end of the line and you don't even have to spend any cash to do so. Here is how to do a reverse phone search for free and look up any number you wish:

  • Difficulty level. It really is not that difficult to do reverse phone search even if you do not want to pay for the service. Most of the time, all you need is access to a computer, web browsing software and a speedy internet connection and of course, the number you want to look up. Make sure you know the complete number so that you can easily do the search. 
  • Can you be reverse phone searched too? If you are wondering whether or not you can be reverse phone searched too, the answer is yes, you can. If you can find someone just with a telephone number, they can do the same to you. However, some sites offer you the opportunity to remove your listing so you cannot be reverse phone searched.
  • Where to go for the free service. There are many sites you can visit to do a free reverse phone search. Some of these sites even offer other services such as background checks, people searches and business searches. Some of the best free reverse phone search sites include: White Pages,, AnyWho (powered by AT&T) and is a site that provides the free service while also recommending other sites you can use. Phone Detective is free initially but if you want to find out more information about the telephone number you are looking up, you have to pay a fee. Alternatively, you can also use Google to do a quick search. In the search bar, enter "phonebook:" then enter the telephone number to find out who it belongs too.
  • Reverse cell phone number searches. If you want to reverse phone search a cell phone number however, you might be in a little bit of trouble since you have to pay for the service. This is because cell phone records are only available to the cell service provider. If you really need to look for the owner of a cell phone number, you are going to have to pay. Unlisted numbers are even harder to find since they are not supposed to be on any list.

It really is very easy to avoid paying for reverse phone search services. All the tools and information are readily available online for you to use so there shouldn't be any problem whatsoever.


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