How To Do a Windows Mobile Screen Capture

Screen capture in Windows Mobile works just like Print Screen in a Windows OS for personal computer. It's a great tool for anyone who wants to share and discuss application, error messages and software problems. It also works for people who make it their job to write and show pictures regarding comparison of apps among mobile phones.

Here are some of Windows Mobile Screen Capture Programs that can be downloaded for free:

  • Ilium Software Screen Capture
  • PocketSnapIt
  • SmartSS
  • Smart ToolKit

The most popular screen capture software is Ilium. According to reviews, it's fast and user-friendly. You can even program a key on your PDA for easy access. Since Ilium Software Screen Capture is the most popular, here is a list of instruction on how to take a screen shot:

  1. Select the screen capture program.
  2. Click Options menu. Select the default key you wish to initiate for your screenshots by clicking on the dropdown box. For example, you have selected number 5. This is a good thing, because Print Screen is not one of the mobile features. Having a default button is an effort and time-saver. There is no need to toggle between programs just to get the screen capture going.
  3. Do not exit. Just leave the screen capture program open.
  4. Open up or pull up any application you want to capture.
  5. Press the capture button. (In this example, we chose number 5 in step 2.) Wait for the confirmation sound of the click of a camera, assuming the device isn't muted.
  6. Every screen shot is saved in the My Documents folder of the device.
  7. When you are done taking display screen shots and you want the assigned key or button to return to its normal function, just hit Exit button to terminate the Screen Capture program.
  8. In case you want the Screen Capture Program to automatically capture a screen, go back to the Options menu and set the timer to the number of seconds desired.

Even though the Screen Capture's Options Menu allows the user to pick the default button to initiate mobile display screen capture, this same menu will offer different choices in different devices:

  1. Windows Mobile Professional or Classic (Pocket PC/ Touchscreen) Choices available are Button 1, Button 2, and so on, including other hardware buttons. Some choices don't even exist in a Pocket PC. Also, the location of the buttons differs in every device. The only way to find the correct button is to choose a key. Press it and wait for the camera click sound. Make sure the sound is on during testing.
  2. Windows Mobile Standard (Smartphone/ Non-touchscreen)  The only buttons that you may use are the asterisk (*), pound sign (#) or any of the numbers on the keypad.

Whatever device you may have, everytime you use the windows mobile screen capture program by Ilium, the file is saved in the My Documents folder. The default file name is "sshot000.bmp". As you continue taking shots, the name continues in ascending order. The screen shot has the same size of the mobile screen resolution.


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