How To Download a Funny Ringtone

Customizing your ringtones is a great way to show your personal side. Ringtones come in different styles that everyone, no matter which personality and which mood they're in, will definitely enjoy. If you're the type of person who likes to find some funny ringtones, then here's how to do it.

There are many ways to put a funny ringtone in your phone, depending on the capabilities of your cellphone brand and model. For example, if your cell phone is capable of voice and audio recording, consider having a voice ringtone: Some of the most popular options include recording your baby's laughter or saying some funny lines ("Mr. Universe, your minions beckon"), and then setting these as your ringtone. Through this option, your ringtone is limited only by your imagination. To help you, just try to visualize what voice ringtone would sound cool and funny, say, when you're right smack inside a subway train and your phone starts to ring. Some examples: "To the batcave!"; "Does anybody here know you're Bill Gates in disguise?", "Well, well, wouldn't you know, somebody cares after all!" It's nice to have strangers chuckle a little when they hear the funny voice ringtones from your phone.

If you prefer to download an audio ringtone, there are many venues you could check out. First, try looking for Web sites that supply audio ringtones for your specific cellphone brand and model. For example, if your phone is a Sony Ericsson, some of the top Web sites to try out include and Some Web sites offer different ringtones for different cellphone brands: Check out (for Nokia, Ericsson and Samsung),,, and In many of these Web sites, you will be able to listen to the ringtone first so you know if it really appeals to you. Choose Web sites that allow for this option so you'll be able to save time and computer space.

In most Web sites offering free ringtones, the ringtones are tunes from popular music artists. Click on the list of top ringtones to find the most popular ones. In some other Web sites, you are given the option to look for ringtones by popular categories such as funny sound effects, theme songs of popular TV shows and cartoons (very popular funny themes include the Super Mario Brothers sound effects, Transformers, and Mr. Bean's voice), funny animal sounds and funny laughter sounds.

Generally, downloading these funny files is a very easy process. Many of these Web sites show a download button; just click on this and choose the disk space location in your computer where you'd like to have it saved. Once your computer has downloaded the ringtone, you can save it to your phone one of two ways: If your laptop and cellphone are Bluetooth capable, then transferring is very easy. Just set up the Bluetooth connection between your laptop and cellphone, and presto! File transfer will be completed easily. The other way is by connecting your computer and your phone through the USB cables that should come with your phone. Select the downloaded audio file from your computer and then choose to have it transferred to your phone.

In some Web sites, you could transfer the ringtone directly from the site to your phone. Just click on that option. You will be asked to provide the following information: your phone number and your wireless service provider. There may be some fees that you have to pay depending on the terms of your service provider.

There you have it! Hope you find downloading a breeze. Just don't get too addicted with downloading! Good luck!


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