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There are several ways in which music can be downloaded to your iPod, whether old or brand-new. The various sources available to download music are the iTunes store, your own collection of music stored on the computer, free and paid download services on the internet, a CD collection, etc. If you want to know how you can download music to your iPod, read through the guidelines given below and start downloading.

Step 1

From the iTunes store or library. This can be done in two ways - one, directly from your iPod itself, or two, downloading the iTunes software on to your computer and downloading music from the store or library and then syncing your iPod with the computer to transfer the music. If you are doing a direct download on the iPod itself, enable the Wi-Fi settings on the iPod. In the menu, scroll down and select ‘iTunes' and tap on the ‘store' icon. Select the music you want to download, click on the ‘price' and then select ‘buy now'. Sign in with your iTunes account and password and approve the purchase. Once the credit card or gift card associated with the iTunes account is debited with the price, the music starts downloading. At this point, remember to stay in the Wi-Fi hotspot until the download is complete. If you move out midway, you will have to start the download process all over again.

An easier way is to download and install the iTunes software from the Apple website onto your computer. Once downloaded, you can access the library or the iTunes store and select the song or music which you want for your iPod. Complete the buying formalities and download the music to your computer. Next, sync the iPod to your computer and transfer the music you've just purchased or downloaded.

Step 2

From free and paid download services. The process of downloading and syncing the music to your iPod is the same as the one where you download from iTunes to the computer. The extra work you are required to do is browsing through the net and selecting a download service from the hundreds of services which are available. Once selected, complete the registration formalities for that service, including the payment for paid services and download your selected music on to the computer. Next, use the iTunes software to convert the music into a format compatible with the iPod and transfer the music using the sync process.

Step 3

From music files stored on your computer. This is again, a very simple process. Simply copy your music files into the iTunes program, allow it to format the songs and then transfer them to the iPod by syncing it with your computer. The process remains the same for copying music from CDs, but in this case, run the CD using the QuickTime Player which is part of the iTunes software and follow the instructions to copy the music into iTunes.

There are no limits to the number of songs you can download and store in your iTunes library; you can create several playlists which can then be transferred into your iPod, depending, of course on the iPod capacity and available space. Downloading music, videos, movies, photos, etc to an iPod is an easy and simple task. Just follow the instructions and you should be all set!


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