How To Find a Lost Cell Phone

If your cell phone is an appendage in your life, losing it can be traumatic. It can also be costly; if someone else finds your phone it's conceivable that he may use up your minutes or otherwise rack up charges.

In any case, if you wake up wondering where you left your phone the night before, or if your phone is lost somewhere in your house, probably with your keys, don’t fret. There are ways to find your lost cell phone. Just follow these simple steps.

  1. Call the phone. If the phone is on and not set on silent, then all you need to do is call. Once you call, it will ring, and if it is in your house, you should be able to hear it. If you think you lost your phone while out, still try calling it. It’s possible that someone found it and will answer to tell you where you left it.
  2. Call from your computer. If you don’t have another phone, then call or send a text message from your computer. Some cell phone service providers have their own online text messaging so check your provider first. Or go to Simply type in your number and within moments, the program will call your phone.
  3. Subscribe to a tracking service or download cell phone tracker software. Signing up for a tracking software or a mobile phone tracking service should be done before you lose the phone. If you regularly misplace the phone, consider this as an option. One good software option can be found at
  4. Do a quick search. If you have tried calling the phone and you didn’t hear it ring, it may be off or the battery dead. Do a quick, organized search of the places you may have left it. This means your home and office first. Then check your car. Try the kitchen and bathroom when searching the house. You may have set it down when you were thinking about something else.
  5. Ask your friends. It may be embarrassing to call or email your friends to ask them if they’ve seen your phone, but they may have. It’s worth making the call.
  6. Call the places you’ve been. If you were out shopping or haunting the bars when you last remember having your phone, try calling. Store clerks and bartenders often find phones, keys, wallets, whatever we leave behind. They may put it in a safe place for a few days waiting for the owner to claim the lost item.
  7. After an hour or two, report it lost. If your phone was stolen instead of lost, it is imperative that you report it as soon as possible. If calls are made that incur charges, you will be responsible for any that happen before you notify your service provider. Have the phone cancelled as soon as you know you aren’t going to find it.

Losing your cell phone can make you feel out of touch with the world. It may be frustrating if you don’t even know where to start looking. Calm down and take a breath, then follow these steps to find your phone.


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