How To Find a Polyphonic Ringing Tone

There are different types of ring tones. They are the monophonic tone, polyphonic tone and true tone. A monophonic ring tone is a simple series of musical notes played one at a time. True tone on the other hand, is simply an audio recording. The common format of true tone is MP3, AAC and WMA. Today, it is the latest trend among all ring tones. They are often excerpts from songs, recorded voices and different audio sounds. A polyphonic ring tone consists of several notes played at a time. The first polyphonic ring tones used a sequenced recording method often called as MIDI. A recorded piece is specified by what synthetic instrument should play at a given time.

Here are the ways on how to find a polyphonic ringing tone.

  • Check out Web sites that offer free polyphonic tone downloads. You can search for your favorite artist or song and download it to your phone. You can download it on your mobile phone through USB or memory card.
  • You can also find polyphonic ring tones through other mobile phones. These ring tones can be transferred to your mobile phone in different ways. You can either transfer it through Bluetooth or infrared. It is the easiest and most affordable way of downloading polyphonic ringing tones. Just make sure that both your handset and the mobile phone you'll be receiving the tone from are both either infrared or Bluetooth capable.
  • You can buy polyphonic ring tones from your network provider. Different major cellular service providers like Cingular, Nextel and T-mobile offer promos on how you can download ring tones at an affordable price. This will also depend on your mobile phone handset because not all handsets can play polyphonic ring tones. Polyphonic tones cost less than true tones.
  • You can also convert MP3 files to polyphonic tones. You can do this by downloading a ring tone converter program. Once you have the program installed, start converting your favorite songs as a polyphonic tone for your mobile phone.
  • You can also use the WAP services of your mobile phone to download a ring tone. Most mobile phones today have a built in browser. You just need to acquire the WAP settings on your cellular service provider. Once it is set up, you will be able to access their WAP services. You can also send polyphonic ring tones through e-mail. This is possible from some selected phones that have e-mail configurations or wireless capability.

Ring tones serve as a way to identify people who are calling your mobile phone. This will enable you to know if your call is important. Unregistered numbers can be assigned with a default ring tone. Having different ring tones on your mobile phone is a great way to personalize your mobile phone lifestyle.


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