How To Find an Address by a Cell Phone Number

So, you are tracking someone down, particular where this person lives, and all you have to work with is a cell phone number. Well, getting the address of this particular person is easy even if you have only his mobile number. To do this, all you will have to do is log onto the Internet and search this global database for any information relevant to the cell phone number in question. Here are some tips to make your tracking fruitful and effective.

  • Use Google. This should be your first option. Who knows, you may get lucky. Open up your web browser and type in On the search field, enter the mobile number of the person you are trying to track. If, by some chance, that person somehow published his number and address somewhere, maybe on Facebook, MySpace, or any other website, Google will find it. Anyway, type in the number and hit “enter” on your keyboard. A list of results will soon be displayed and it is up to you now to filter the results. Basically, you will want to stick with the top 20 to 30 links provided since the rest of the results may have nothing really relevant to investigate. If you do get lucky, then your search ends here. If not, then you will want to try something else.
  • Search the online white pages. If Google cannot find what you are looking for based on the mobile number alone, then you may want to delve the Internet a little deeper. Remember back in the day when the large thick phonebooks is what we needed to get the number of a person provided that their number is publicly listed. Well, those large thick books have gone digital. Yes, the phone book is now a website featuring an even more extensive database at your disposal. Visit online phone directories like,,, and As you enter their site, you will see a search field. On this field, plot in the mobile number and start the search. This information alone should narrow down the field significantly. If the number is listed, then it should come out. If the results are null, then you may want to do an advanced search by adding other relevant details along with the number as well such as the name or state where the person resides.
  • Use reverse cell phone directories. If the two options above have put you at a dead end, then you may want to try something that is considered a little drastic, use a reverse cell phone directory website. There are tons of these on the net and they offer reliable results. Basically, what these directories do is that they cross reference the number you give them against the database they currently have which are really lists of numbers from the mobile carriers. They purchase these leads for this type of business. Yes, it may seem unethical since it is a breach of trust and privacy but it is reality and you can really take advantage of the service. The only drawback is that you will have to pay a certain fee to avail of the service. Well, there may be free directories you can consider but the paid ones are those that can really provide you topnotch reverse lookup services.

If all else fails, your last choice would be to hire a private investigator. These people have contacts within the mobile carriers that they can tap to track a number down.


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