How To Find Disposable Phones

Used cell phones

Disposable phones are easy to find.  The following give you an idea on where to start:


Wal-mart, Target, Best Buy, K-Mart, and dozens more major superstores offer disposable phones at super-cheap prices.  There is almost always some sort of “starter kit” promotion on offer whereby you get a phone, phone charger, manual, and pre-paid SIM card bundled together for an ultra-low price.  These kits almost always come with a nominal amount of free airtime credit as well.

Online Auction / Craigslist

When the networks get ready to roll out a new set of pre-paid disposable phones, they more than likely dump the old line off onto the grey market.  Discount sellers and overstock warehouses will sell these to independent agents or to people who like to sell on online auctions like E-Bay or Yahoo! Auction.  There is nothing wrong with these phones.  In fact, most of them are probably sealed, new-in-the-box phones. It’s just that the large carriers like AT&T and T-Mobile want to sell the next season’s lineup and have to clear their shelves to make room for them.

Search for keywords like the following:

Go Phone
Pay as you go cell phones
Prepaid Phone
T-mobile prepaid

prepaid sim

If you know what phones you’re looking for, try searching for that particular make and model.  For instance, last year one AT&T’s Go Phone package deal included the Motorola C168i phone.  You can try searching for that phone and see what you get.  Your results may give you the whole bundle or just the phone itself.  In case of the latter, all you have to do is pick up a pre-paid SIM separately, available at any superstore, online auction, or independent agent.

Garage Sales, Swap Meets

One definition of “disposable phone” might include any phone that is of little value to you and no consequence should it be lost, stolen, folded, spun, or mutilated.  Seriously, the point is if the phone was lost or destroyed you wouldn’t lose sleep over it, right?  So why not try an old-school phone from back in the day?  Sure it’s not brand new.  Sure it’s status as a top-of-the-line phone may have ended when M.C. Hammer was still making records.  But that’s the whole point.  If it still works as just a phone (and nothing else), then it qualifies as a disposable phone.  In fact, it probably has the same features that any of the plain-jane newly made disposables do.  Take the Nokia 3310 for example.  Although a bit physically bigger, it is nearly identical to the Nokia 1200.  Sure it’s a bit bulkier, but all the operational features are practically the same—same menu, same display, etc.  It’s almost likely that today’s “disposable” phones are just duplicates of yesterday’s top phones.


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