How To Find Energy Saving Large Appliances

There are several large appliances that we need to work with every day, and we have to consider the energy efficiency of those large appliances. Large appliances serve for ten years at most, but this all depends on how we use them. They can stay longer with us if they are energy efficient. With the current energy problems the world is facing, we have to keep in mind a few things for our home or office energy management.

  1. Look for the Energy Star. Aside from the price tag and the item’s features, you also have to check if it has that popular star symbol. You can see the label of the Energy Star on some electrical products, and this means that you can be assured that the product has passed energy star standards and will conserve more energy compared to other large appliances. You can identify this by checking on the energy guide label, which involves the estimated energy consumption and the operating costs the product has per year. You can look for some qualified products on this page:
  2. Check for practicality. The American Council for an Energy-Efficient Economy has tips and checklists for energy conservation. This includes identifying the type of large appliances that would be practical for use because of their certain features. They also work together with Energy Star, so they will have useful links here and there that will guide you in buying your appliances. Even if they have the Energy Star symbol, there would be other products that may save more energy because of their design. An example would be the side by side refrigerator. It is said to use up more energy than a normal type of fridge, although both types have their own benefits. So make sure to check here before deciding on those appliances.
  3. Be updated on recent energy efficient appliances. Energy Star has its standards, and it is said that Consortium for Energy Efficiency has higher efficiency standards than Energy Star, though they also refer to some items with Energy Star. They have a wide variety of categories with appliances they have pages for research and news related to surveys and evaluations.
  4. Take proper care of your appliances. As much as you can have all the information you can get for your appliances. Take care of them so they can last longer. You can draw the curtains when there is a good wind blowing so the air conditioners can take a rest. You can also opt to use compact fluorescent for your large lamps or hallway lights. And of course, the most basic rule, turn off the appliance when you don’t need it.

You can also check for the manufacturer’s slogan to be reminded of what the company’s major concern is for producing appliances. It may be a basic thing, but sometimes, it alls starts from there.


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