How To Find Mobile Shopping Reviews

Every mobile manufacturer today has created editions of phones that will allow you to search the Net. For a shopaholic, this is surely good news, because this means they can always visit mobile malls and mobile plazas to say hello to wireless shopping.

However, shopping through the Internet can still be time-consuming considering that there are many mobile malls, mobile plazas, and wireless shopping spots today. The sad part is that no mobile manufacturer has created a phone that is almost the same in performance as mobile computers.

But do not worry because there is one solution so you can still enjoy shopping on the Web—comparison. There are websites that have a list of mobile shopping hotspots. Authors and even consumers have provided reviews for the top list. This is a good system if you want a shortcut when choosing which portal to go to for mobile shopping.

Here are just some of the reliable websites where you can find mobile shopping product and store reviews for your own comparison:

  • 10 Best. Want to know the top 10 best mobile shopping websites today? The 10 Best website has the answer. Simply search using the site’s search engine and related articles and reviews will be accessed and delivered for you. This website is dedicated to giving trusted pieces of advice for travelers. However, since mobile shopping is ideal for travelers, this site has made a review about it. Check out what other people have to say about each of the featured shopping centers and you can already decide on which of the sites is the best in terms of the people’s pulse.
  • is one of the well-respected sources of information in the Net. You can find here not only basic information but also guides, such as a guide to your mobile shopping. Their review specifically tackles the good about various mobile shopping sites including Yahoo Shopping, Amazon Anywhere, Overstock, Pricegrabber, and Google Mobile.
  • Mobile Marketing Watch. This website is dedicated for the mobile marketing community. Both mobile shop site owners and mobile shopping customers find this website helpful with its many blog entries including reviews of various mobile shopping sites. This website even features the latest news about the mobile marketing community so that you will know the latest and the trend today.
  • Bright Hub. Science and technology are the main focus of this website — and of course, that includes mobile shopping. The website tackles a lot of issues regarding this field. Although science and technology is wide in scope, you can still find reviews about mobile shopping here.
  • WAP Review. This website is more like a database or catalog of different articles, news, and features about the mobile Web. Search in this website to look for mobile shopping reviews. With its system’s hundreds of blog entries, you will surely find what you are looking for.

Some say that mobile shopping is still not as convenient as shopping through your laptop because many web shops are still not mobile phone-friendly. But you can always give it a try especially if mobile shopping is your best option. Besides, with the reviews you can read, you can avoid and not spend time in hard-to-use websites.


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