How To Find a Person By Phone Number

Trace Phone Numbers to a Certain Person

If you are searching for someone and all you have is a phone number, it can be very hard to track them down. Assuming that calling them is not an option or it's an out-of-date number, being diligent about your research can still help you locate them. There are three simple steps you can take -- from using reverse phone look ups to hiring a private investigator -- to find someone by phone number.

  1. Use an online reverse phone number look up service. This is the simplest, fastest way to find a person by phone number. Just type in the number and a reverse phone look up service will come up with the owner's name and any other facts they have about the number. Reverse phone look up services compile information from a variety of different sources.

    Do not pay an upfront fee until you are sure that particular site has information on the specific  number you're interested in. Many websites try to charge a monthly or one-time fee just to conduct the search, but they will be charging you for something that you can do for free elsewhere.

  2. Use a search engine to search for the number.  This is another way to trace phone numbers. You may be surprised to learn what could turn up if you type someone's number into an Internet search engine. The number could be posted in online ads or in discussion forums, among other places. Be sure to place it in quotes, because most search engines will otherwise just look for the three groups of numbers separately. Try different formats, such as "(123) 456-7890", "123-456-7890", or "123.456.7890" to make sure you find all possible results no matter how the  number was listed. You may want to try to search by phone number on several different major search engines, as they all provide slightly different search results.

  3. Businesswoman busy with her laptop and phoneHire a Private Investigator.  If you have been unsuccessful at finding someone by phone number, hiring a private investigator may be your last resort. Of course, this can get expensive, so weigh the importance of locating this person against the costs. Private investigators may be more successful at tracing the number because they have much more experience looking for it.

Of course, it is easier to find someone if you have more than a phone number, but it's not impossible to do if that's all you have. Trying different ways of online searching or using a reverse phone look up service is faster and much cheaper than hiring someone to do it for you, but some numbers just can't be traced any other way. Now that you know how to find people by phone number, you're on your way to tracing that caller.


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