How To Find Someone Using a Cell Phone Number

Caller ID is a common feature today, although the number that appears with an incoming phone call may not always be accompanied by the name of the caller.  An unfamiliar phone number may arouse curiosity, while one that appears repeatedly on one's teen's or spouse's mobile phone account may also awaken suspicion or concern.  Using a free white pages reverse phone lookup service will probably not yield results if the call is from a cell phone, but there are still a number of ways to do cellphone tracking and discover the person behind the mobile number.

If you're willing to pay a small fee, you can immediately have your answer with Reverse Mobile. Other methods take some time and legwork, but Reverse Mobile and similar services are fast and effortless.

Now let's start with the mobile phone tracking solutions that people tend to forget.

The simplest way to identify the owner of the cell phone number is to call the number.  Of course if you are searching for information because you are suspicious of your child or spouse, you will probably not want to call the number outright, because you will appear to be snooping.  In some cases, it will also appear invasive if you ask the child or spouse whose number it is. If you are the one who pays the phone bill, however, and you see an unusual cell phone number appear repeatedly, innocently asking the other person on the account about the call may be completely appropriate.

Another way to find someone using his mobile phone number is to simply type the number into your search engine.  It is possible that by using Google to track a cell phone number, you might discover that it is embedded in a classified ad on or in a personal ad on some other site.  Although results are not entirely likely, it's worth a try as this strategy is free and just may reveal the name associated with the cell number.

There are many sites that offer reverse cell phone number lookup services; if you are seeking the name associated with a residential line that is not classified as unlisted, the information will most likely be available for free.  But, as mentioned earlier, that is not the case when you are trying to trace someone using a cell phone number.  Most people probably approve of this anonymity, as it provides a buffer of protection from telemarketing companies.  Also, since many people purchase a limited amount of talk time from their mobile phone companies, they probably find it preferable to make their cell phone numbers available only to individuals of their own choosing.  But even so, you will probably be able to discover the owner of the cell phone if you are willing to pay a fee.  Some well-known sites which provide this service include and

Fees for reverse phone number lookup sites vary, as does the information that is provided.  While most paid searches will likely track cell phone numbers and their respective owners' names, some companies claim to provide more information, such as age, marital status, criminal records, names of other members of the household, death records, and even average income and home value. Deciding in advance exactly what information you are seeking will help you to decide which cell phone tracker service to use. The flat rate for a single cell phone reverse search may range from $5.00 to $15.00, but many companies also offer bundle rates. So if none of the "free" options for finding the name associated with a mobile phone number works, a few dollars may all that is separating you from the information you are searching for.


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