How To Find Surplus Electronic Parts

Every year, new and more technologically advanced products come out in the market.  Whether its television sets, video recorders, cellular phones, or computers these better, faster and sometimes smaller electronic equipment make their existing counterparts more and more obsolete each year.  This climate has caused engineers, technicians and even home hobbyists difficulty sourcing ‘older' parts.

You may find yourself unable to find electronic parts like resistors, capacitors, LEDs, bipolar transistors, crystals, integrated circuits, SCRs, transformers, speakers or many others that are specific to a certain model of electronic equipment.  Not all the parts you are looking for are going to be available at the corner electronic shop.   Fortunately, never has it been easier to find electronic parts than in this Internet age.  In the past, you can only get surplus electronic parts from companies and stores listed in the yellow pages or through local electronic fix-it shops.  Now, you can find sources of surplus "older" as well as hard to find parts that are less pricey on the web.

All Electronics Corp. Since 1967, All Electronics Corporation has been a source of all kinds of electronic parts. They accept phone-in, mail, and online-orders. They also have a store in Van Nuys, California if you are in the area. This company provides common and not so common electronic components at great prices. They have various payment and shipping options, a 30-day return policy and a customer service department to assist you.

H&R Enterprises. H&R Enterprises Inc. supplies surplus semiconductors, integrated circuits, capacitors, diodes, and more. The company is a wholesaler of hard to find and often obsolete electronic devices used for industrial, commercial and military purposes. You can search their online inventory and order over the web.

ThomasNet. On the Internet, ThomasNet is a great industrial search engine where you can access information regarding products, services and suppliers related to electronics. It provides you with a list of companies that sell surplus electronic parts and components. You can further narrow your search for surplus products according to location, company type, certifications as well as ownership. A global seller and buyer, boasts as the place to look for "Hard to Find and Obsolete and Long Lead Time Electronic Components." An ISO 9001:2000 Certified company, they have a wide inventory, which is available for purchase online. Furthermore, USBid allows buyers to compare prices of electronic parts from leading manufacturers. Hobbyists and Surplus Stores. This is an interesting resource for a list of companies that sell surplus electronic parts. The webpage lists companies according to General Surplus Parts and Components, Wholesale Parts Suppliers, and Specialized Parts. Visit the different links to find what you are looking for.

When buying surplus electronic parts, just remember the following:

  • make sure that you are buying something that you really need,
  • the part is unused,
  • you are buying from a company that provides a warranty on the part,
  • the price is right,
  • there is good after sales policy or customer support,
  • the company has a customer friendly return policy, and;
  • the company is accredited by the Better Business Bureau

When looking for hard to find, obsolete or less expensive but good quality electronic components, check out the many online stores providing surplus electronic parts.  You can always find what you are looking for on the web.


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