How To Find Unlimited Internet Plans for Cell Phones


Fortunately, you can now choose to always be on the go with your Internet phone. Simply connect to the Internet by downloading data from your service providers and you can connect to the Net. Finally, you can update your Facebook status, check your emails, send emails, or chat with friends.

But what keeps most people limited with surfing the Net through the phone? It’s the expensive rate of downloaded data. Imagine how much you’ll spend for Internet surfing through your phone within a month. Why don’t you switch to unlimited Internet plans for cell phones?

Finding Plans

Among the top service providers for cell phones in the United States are Verizon, AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile, and US Cellular. For now, it’s best to ask your existing cell phone service provider if it has an unlimited Internet plan. They usually call this plan an unlimited data plan. Ask if they are offering this service or similar service that will allow you unlimited surfing of the Net.

If your service provider doesn’t offer it, ask other service providers if they do. You can switch to their service but beware of the risk when you do. Service providers have lock-in terms for at least one year. If you cut their services earlier, then you will pay some fees.

Usually, major service providers in the USA offer about $30 for one-month unlimited data plans. But these are usually promos with ending periods. You can also find plans that will include not only the unlimited data plan but also unlimited voice and SMS messaging with it. It’s better to check with your major service providers and compare their offers.

Helpful Factors When Deciding

Getting one service can be tempting especially if it offers a hard-to-resist deal. But don’t be fooled with the fancy advertisement. Dig deeper into the factors you should consider when choosing a service provider for unlimited Internet for a cellular phone.

“Unlimited-ness” of the unlimited plans. Once, Verizon offered a limited unlimited data plan for cellular phones. The supposed unlimited offer was actually a data transfer of up-to 5GB. When the user exceeds this, the Internet connection will automatically be cut for the month. You don’t want to get a “limited” unlimited data plan so better read the blueprint in the contract and make sure it’s really unlimited.

Price. The monetary value of the unlimited plan is usually the basis of whether the deal is good or not. It’s best to compare prices of different unlimited data plans and see which of the offers is the best deal.

Bundle offers. What else, aside from the unlimited Internet, does the service provider offer with its plan? Does it include unlimited call or free downloads? Make sure you need the bundle also and that the bundle is reasonable enough for the higher plan price.

Before anything else, decide whether you really need an unlimited Internet plan for your cellular phone. Are you a heavy user of Internet or maybe you can use better options to stay connected like bringing a netbook or notebook with you? Internet access using these bigger gadgets is faster and more satisfactory. But if it should really be Internet access through the phone, then just be sure to shop wisely. Comparing is the key to finding the best unlimited Internet plan for your mobile phone.


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