How To Find Your Lost Cell Phone

Losing your cell phone is a part of life.  This is mainly because of how small the device is nowadays.  Sometimes, while you preoccupied with the minutiae of your daily existence, you will misplace it.  After an hour or two, you realize that your phone is not where it should be so you call it up using another phone.  Yes, this should do the trick however, in the circumstance that your cell phone is not in the vicinity or is in silent, what can you really do?  Well, there are various ways to help you through the search.  Here are some tips for you to locate and find your lost cell phone.

  • Google it.  It is actually quite humorous that Google has so many tools to help people in simple problems.  Yes, even a lost cell phone can be found by using Google, well, Google Maps actually.  All you have to do is execute a quick search on Google using your cell phone number.  It should use Google Map to search and locate it.  The result will include a “click to call” feature that you can use to call it so that Google Maps will effectively triangulate and locate it on the map.  This is useful if you really don’t know where it could be.  It will give you an idea on where to look for the device.
  • Skype it.  Using Skype, an instant messenger and calling service that uses the Internet, is another way to call your phone in order to find it.  This is, of course, a feasible option if your phone is not on silent or turned off.  If you hear the specific ring tone, then follow the sound until you find it.
  • Track it.  If your phone has GPS software or a GPS chip and is enabled or activated, then you can use any online GPS tracking system to locate it.  If you have a tracking application installed on your computer, then you can use that as well.  This will pinpoint the exact location of the signal emitted by your phone.  Again, this is a great option provided that your found is not turned off.
  • Let the carrier track it.  Each mobile device has a specific signature represented by an IMEI number.  Hence, if you lost your phone or if it was stolen and want it found and recovered, you can actually ask the help of your mobile carrier to trace the phone’s whereabouts by tracking its IMEI number.  The only way to get it is to look at the sticker found beneath the cell phone battery.  This being said, you will want to take note of this particular number as soon as you purchase the phone as this is the best way to track where your phone is should you lose it.

Now, if all these tips prove to be futile, then you can maybe employ the last option which is to pray to your God.  Yes, prayers can help even in the direst of situations.  Maybe God will hear your prayer and send a messenger to retrieve your lost phone for you. Many people swear by it so you should not lose anything by doing it.


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