How To Fix Cell Phones

Repairing the cellphone
These days, just about everyone has a cell phone. They're a useful device that keeps us connected to our family, friends, clients and coworkers. So when they stop working, it can be very frustrating , to say the least. Many think that their only option is to return the cell phone to the manufacturer and wait the mandatory 2 weeks for it to be returned, living in limbo without the phone for that time. But there are a few things you can do to fix cell phones by yourself. You can save a lot of hassle and anxiety by keeping these tips handy.

Step 1

How to fix wet cell phones. Immediately remove your cell phone from the toilet, pool, sink or fish tank. (If it fell in salt water, you'll need to rinse it in fresh water first to stop the salt from crystallizing inside). Remove the battery right away. This will save the circuits if they are not attached to a power source while wet. Remove your SIM card too, if you have one. Then get to work quickly drying your phone. Shake the phone to remove any large drops of water and then gently run a paper towel all around the inside and outside of your phone. Be sure to remove as many covers as you can to get to areas where water might be trapped. Then place your phone in front of a vacuum hose (but not so close that it might create static electricity). This will draw out any moisture from areas you can't reach. Don't use a blow-dryer here, since hot or cold air will force water into your phone which would be counterproductive. Leave the phone with the vacuum for at least 20 minutes. Next, you need to let your phone sit in a moisture-absorbing substance. A bowl of rice or Damp Rid will work to pull out any remaining moisture from your phone overnight. Then remove the phone and let it sit on a paper towel. No moisture should appear on the towel after 4-6 hours. If it does, you need to repeat the vacuum and rice process. Let your phone sit for a day after this process, and then test it with the battery. If that doesn't work, try it with the charger. If it works with a charger, you just need a new battery. If all else fails, take the phone to the manufacturer and tell them what happened. They will know anyways because there are indicators inside the cell phone that tell when the phone has been wet. The manufacturer should be able to fix the phone for a fee.

Step 2

How to fix cell phones that won't turn off. If you've pressed the off button a million times but your cell phone is still on, the internal computer is likely frozen. You can jumpstart it by removing the battery from your phone and putting it back in again. This should reboot the internal computer, fixing your cell phone.

Step 3

How to fix cell phones with broken parts. If the faceplate, LCD screen or keypad on your cell phone breaks, you can likely find a replacement part on the internet. You will need to know your cell phone's model number, and make sure you purchase from a reputable supplier. The part will probably come with an installation guide but if not, these are available on the internet. Of course, look into the price for having the manufacturer replace the part too, and choose the best option. Also consider that  the cost to purchase replacement parts may exceed the price of a new phone, so decide whether it may just be time to move on to a new phone.


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