How To Get a Satellite Phone Connection

A satellite phone is commonly used for communication. It connects orbiting satellites instead of using cell sites. Depending on its architecture it has a wide coverage that may include even the whole Earth or specific locations. A satellite phone is typically used indoors as it may also get consistent signal when placed near a window or on top of a building. Satellite pagers are used with satellite telephone services.

Top nine tips are enumerated on how you can get a satellite phone connection and value for your money:

  1. Choose whether you want to rent or to buy a satellite phone kit. The decision depends on the time or the frequency of the satellite you need. If the goal of having a satellite is for short-term use then it is best to just rent one. Many rental services also offer accessories such as: portable solar charges, pelican cases, car antennas, and a universal travel plug. It is also a good investment if you buy to save more, like the satellite antennas (e.g., Qualcomm GSP 1600 together with Globalstar phone network or Iridium for Iridium network).
  2. Some satellite phones do not work in a certain places. Make sure that you purchase the right satellite service for your specific area or country. Iridium satellite works in the entire globe except Poland, Cuba, and South Korea.
  3. To be able to have a connection the sky must not be blocked by buildings, trees, or even valleys. Satellite phones also do not work in underground places and inside the buildings. If the antennas will be use inside a vehicle or in marine areas, inside antennas should be provided.
  4. Satellite communications with prepaid SIM card is used in some places that bare war zone. Satellite can be used as communication to seek help from authorities and media. The phone recommended in war zone areas is the Iridium satellite 9505A.
  5. The most popular use of satellite phones today is for surfing the Internet. You can easily surf the web and get emails because it offers Internet access. Connection speed is quite slow in satellite phones. The speed of the Internet is usually just enough to check email.
  6. Always consider the power supply, make sure to have portable solar charger. To fully charge a dead battery it requires 3.5 hours with continuous light from the sun.
  7. Satellite phones can also received SMS messages. Companies do not charge received messages but they do for sending a message.
  8. Check first the rate before making a call using satellite phones.
  9. When in the US it is much better to use Globalstar.

The use of satellite phones is very important during typical times and especially in times of tragedy. High demand of good medium of communication to transfer information from one place to another is very essential nowadays. Communication depends on high technology and this technology requires good satellite phones.


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