How To Get Cell Phone Text Message Records

Text messaging, thanks to technology, has become a part of everyone’s day-to-day activity.  It has become one of the fastest and most convenient ways of communication among family and friends.  Sending a text message is relatively easy but unfortunately when it comes to retrieving text message records that have long been forgotten and deleted, it is another story.  

First off, ask yourself why you need the records.  Is it because your cell phone SIM card was corrupted and you want to recover text messages?  Have you accidentally deleted an unread message?  Or, is it for a more complicated reason, such as using the records as physical evidences in court? If you find yourself in one of these circumstances then read on and find out ways to know how.

  • SIM Card Data Recovery.  There are SIM card recovery softwares that you can use to retrieve text messages from either your inbox or outbox.  These tools are designed to help people who have had their SIM cards corrupted due to viruses or improper usage and people who have accidentally deleted their unread messages.   First thing you need to do is to go online and visit websites such as, and to help you decide which software program to choose.  Since recovery programs come with a price, it is best to read reviews from people who have used it to get your money’s worth. 
    After purchasing, have it installed on your computer.  Make sure you also have a USB SIM card reader, as it is essential to make the software run.  Most programs are user-friendly so navigating is simple and easy.  However, keep in mind that these types of programs can only retrieve recoverable text messages saved in your SIM card—meaning, text messages are recoverable ONLY when they are not overwritten.  SIM cards usually hold 64-128 kilobytes of information (equivalent to 64,000-128,000 characters) so if you text quite frequently, your chances of retrieving messages from a while back may be slim to none.  It is also wise to make sure your phone saves messages in your SIM card, as there are cell phones that store messages in their internal memory.
  • Seek Legal Help. Since the legislation of Telephone Records and Privacy Protection Act of 2006, cell phone providers have been prohibited from giving out text messages records to maintain privacy and security of their subscribers.  If you need to get cell phone text messages records, the best and only way to go about it is by asking assistance from your law enforcement agencies, as cell phone providers are only allowed to give out text message records with a subpoena.  Once the court orders your cell phone provider to turn over archives of your text messages, you or your lawyer may now request for copies and use them for whatever purpose they may serve.

Getting text message records is not only a challenging task, it is expensive and time-consuming as well so be very cautious on what text messages to keep and what to delete.  Create folders for messages that you want to save because you’ll never know when you might need them.  Sure, your inbox might be filled with these messages but hey, like they say: It’s always better to be safe than sorry.


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