How To Get Free Directory Assistance on a Cell Phone

Directory assistance through a cell phone can be expensive. Some people do not want to pay a dollar or two just to get a phone number through computerized recording because they know that they can get the number and information that they need for free. It is easy to get information today because of Internet and technological advancements. You just need to become resourceful. Free directory assistance is not an urban myth. You can find many satisfied statements from people who use free directory assistance on a cell phone for their benefit. Below are steps and guides on how to get free directory assistance through your cell phone.

  • Call 800-FREE-411 (800-373-3411). The process is very simple. 411 is the number to dial to find telephone numbers in Canada and United States. There are 6 billion calls to 411 every year in the United States. The traditional directory assistance number for long distance directory is 1-area code-555-1212.  
  • Listen carefully to the message of the voice prompt. Follow the information given by the voice prompt so you can find the number you are looking for. Use a pen and paper to write down the instructions so it will be easier for you to ask for a phone number the next time around. Repeat the voice prompt if you have missed an important detail. Call the operator if you have further inquiries.
  • Use Google to get free directory assistance. Program 1-800-goog411 into your mobile phone and set the number in speed dial so you can easily use the program. This is a free service that is certainly beneficial when you are traveling and you need to contact someone badly. Copy the phone number in a notebook or pad in case you do not have a mobile phone. Besides saving money, you will also save time by dialing the number manually.

The voice prompt will ask you to indicate your name, address, city, state and other related information. Just follow the voice prompt carefully and you will get the number that you are looking for.  This service does not work on a payphone, but it works on most landline and mobile phones.

  • Use the Internet to find a person or establishment. Probably, the Internet is the best resource to find anyone or anyplace. There are numerous websites where you can surf to find a person or an establishment.

You can also use social networking sites to find a person or an establishment. Today, most people have social networking sites like MySpace and Facebook so it is easy to find your old friends and peers and reestablish your communication with them. You just need to type the full name and current address of the person or establishment that you are looking for and the social networking site will give you pictures with thumbnails to make your search easier.

If it’s an emergency where you need to find someone, and you don’t have an Internet access, then it’s practical to pay in exchange of important information. 


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