How To Get Out of Your Cell Phone Contract

Cell phone companies are in the business to make money. Because of that, they charge an early termination charge in order to keep you as a customer. Verizon Wireless, ATT, Nextel/Sprint, and all other cellular companies have loopholes to get out of their contract. Specifically, there are three ways to get out of the cell phone contract for free.

Step 1

The first way to get out of your contract for free is to wait until they change their contract. All cell phone companies change their contract every year -- from the cost of text messaging to the FCC surcharges. Once anything has been changed on the contract, they are required to send you a letter letting you know what has been changed. They also let you know that you have the option to get out of your contract because of this. This is your opportunity to get out!

Step 2

Another way to get out of your cell phone contract free of charge is to prove that you live where your cell phone company does not provide service. Even if you know someone who lives in an area where they do not get service, you can use their address. All you have to do is provide a utility bill from that address.

Step 3

The last way to get out of your cell phone contract is to do what is call an Assumption of Liability. This is where you find someone (friend or family) to take over the contract for you. This is ideal if you know someone who wants to sign up for service, and can just take over your existing contract.

Getting out of your cell phone service for free is relatively straightforward and one of those three options should work for you.


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