How To Improve Cell Phone Reception

Cell phones are in-demand gadgets today and are among the most widely used. They pave the way to easier and even better telecommunications. Using cell phones for communication is very handy and accessible, that is why they have replaced the once-handy walkie talkie or radio phones. But, despite the improvements being made in the world of cellular phones, it cannot be denied that cell phone reception still remains as one of the problems of many users. People whose communication line is so important consider poor reception as not an option.

Service providers are actually not the only culprits every time you don't get a signal. Don't be too quick to blame them for the state of your reception availability either, as there are a lot of factors that influence poor reception of network signal. You can actually fix the poor reception that you have been experiencing because there are actually other lying factors that may cause a reception to be poor. In this article you will learn some of the most important ways to improve your cell phone reception.

  • The most obvious factor, of course, is your proximity to the transmitter stations--also known as cell sites--of your network provider. The farther you are from the signal source, the lower your signal reception. It is as simple as that. So, stop griping and stop whining if you are in an area where the signal transmission can hardly reach your phone. It is not your fault, nor is it the phone company's. The obvious resolution to this is to simply go nearer to a cell site.
  • Signal barriers can also be a big factor. Even if you are within the radius coverage of a strong signal from a transmitter or cell site, you can sometimes find yourself in so-called dead spots. These are areas surrounded by barriers that hinder the signal from reaching your phone, thus preventing it from getting good reception. For example, if you are several meters under the ground (as in the case of travelling through underground transportation), you may find that reception is poor even if there is a strong signal from the transmitter at ground zero. Tall buildings and thick walls may effectively hinder good reception. Even your hands and fingers themselves can sometimes hinder the reception, so it is important that you do not block your phone's antenna when making calls.
  • Another factor may be your phone's power source. Getting signal reception requires power. If your phone is running low on power, it may not have enough strength to pick up good signal from the cell site. So, to resolve this, make sure your phone has enough battery power.
  • Ask your cell phone manufacturer if they have booster antennas that you can use for your cell phone. Many phone manufacturers do have such devices, which can help your cell phone get better reception. These antennas are often external replacements for internal antennas that came with the original phone. There are also providers of such booster antennas that are not associated with the phone manufacturers. It is not ascertained whether such booster antennas actually improve reception, but you can try them only after you have asked around.

Remember that the strength of cell phone reception is caused by many factors. Therefore, try to address those factors if you want to improve your cell phone's signal.


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