How To Insure a T-Mobile Cell Phone

Seems like almost everyone has a cell phone nowadays. There are various phone companies as well as phone manufacturers that come up with many different plans, features and models. If you use T-Mobile as your plan carrier, the company offers various services for its customer base. One such service is cell phone insurance.

Cell phone insurance serves to cover the cost to replace or repair a cell phone unit in case of theft, accident, or if the unit stops working. Things like accidentally dropping the phone in the bathtub or when the keypads stop responding are covered by the plan. If you are interested in insuring a T-Mobile cell phone, here’s what you need to do.

  • Activate a T-Mobile line. To get handset insurance with T-Mobile, you must be a user subscriber. Go to a T-Mobile kiosk found in malls and other electronics stores to get a service plan. You must be eligible to apply.
  • Assess your risk. If you’re buying a very expensive cell phone, you may want to consider getting some form of insurance for it. If you’ve had problems before, you may be more likely to make a purchase compared to someone who has never needed to file a claim. Weigh the monthly cost of the plan versus the number of years you will be using the phone and the level of exposure you have for possible risk.
  • Talk to the agent. When you are purchasing a phone unit, discuss your plan options with the sales personnel. The agent will be able to explain to you the terms of coverage and tell you the rates.
  • Go to the website. The company website is Check it out and read the details of the insurance plan conditions. On the website, you can learn more about the coverage and things are explained in easy to understand terms.
  • Learn the limits of liability. You need to understand what it is exactly you are purchasing before you sign up. If you can’t find the answer on the website, you may choose to talk to a customer service agent or talk directly to a sales agent at the kiosk. Also, make sure you know if there is a maximum number of claims you can make in a year and how much you need to pay as deductible every time you make a claim. Find out how much the monthly premium is. If you insure with T-Mobile, the Premium Handset Protection Plan costs $5.99 a month, which is billed along with your monthly statement.
  • Check other insurers. Safeware and Suretrade are third party insurance providers you can consider. However, be sure to read carefully the limits of liability. Some of these plans merely extend the warranty. Make sure you get a full replacement of your unit.
  • Pay the premium. If you decide you want to activate an insurance plan for your handset, sign up and be ready to pay the monthly premium.

Getting insurance on your phone may make sense if the handset costs over $500. However, you need to evaluate if you would rather just buy a new phone later on if something does happen to the unit. Also, read consumer reviews on the insurance carriers for phones. Make sure claims are easy to make and you get what you pay for.


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