How To Know if Spyware Is on Your Cell

When using a cellular phone in today’s day and age, it is not always safe.  Your personal information, conversations, and text messages could be hacked into by other people. Spyware on a cell phone is so common just about anyone with an Internet connection can access and download it. The best way to protect yourself is to know the signs of how to tell if spyware is on your cell phone. We will start this by explaining exactly how cell phone spyware works.

  1. What is spyware for cell phones and how is it so easily accessible to anyone?  Spyware for cell phones is so easy to get, and so professionally engineered that it is really scary to be using a cell phone in today’s day and age without knowing if someone is now aware of everything you say, text and do.

    Couple using smartphonesSpyware is software which can be activated within your cell phone simply with a regular file text message, or picture message. Upon receiving, if the person opens the text message the software is then instantly put onto the cell phone allowing the sender to receive all conversations and text on your cell phone. Also now that cell phones come with a form of G.P.S., people can access where you are and where you go as long as you have your cell phone with you.

  2. How to tell if the software is on your cell phone?  The first way to tell if there is spyware on your cell phone is to know whether anyone in your family is suspicious about your away from home activities. Do these people ever send you strange messages? Or maybe you have received strange texts from people you have never actually met in your lifetime. If so you may already have spyware fishing information off your cell phone activity.

    Another way to identify if spyware could be on your cell phone is through strange cell phone activity itself. Spyware will make your cell phone do some or all of the following:

    • Strange noise in the background of your conversations. Some of these strange noises are clicking, Echo of people's voices either your own or the person you are speaking with. Noise similar to white noise, along with any other suspicious sounds which neither you nor the person you are speaking with is causing.
    • Cell phones working on their own. A cell phone with spyware can sometimes light up on its own when no one is using it, make noises like you are receiving text messages or phone calls when no one was actually contacting you, along with strange phone calls where no one is on the other line and no one is hanging up.
    • Other miscellaneous spyware signs would be on your cell phone bill. You will receive text message charges for double to triple the amount of texts and calls you have actually made. This is due to your cell phone, when containing spyware, sending back out your text messages to 3rd party numbers and websites which have put the spyware onto your cell phone.


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