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Here Are Some Tips to Search for Cell Phone Numbers

Since cell phones became popular, one of the best (or worst) things about them is that the phone numbers were not listed or published. A person with a cell phone would not have his name or address associated with that phone number in any phonebook paper or online. These tips can help you find cell phone numbers:

  1. Identify whether the number is a land line or a cell phone. Before you start this process, make sure you are really dealing with a cell phone. The easiest way to tell is to try a site like www.whitepages.com, which searches telephone records similar to the old fashioned phone book. If the number belongs to a land line, you should be able to find the number using a basic reverse look-up on this site. If you cannot, the number most likely belongs to a cell phone; proceed to Step Two.
  2. Busy woman with her phone and laptopGet as much information about the phone number as possible. Make sure you know the entire number, including area code. If possible, find out the service provider and area where the cell phone is generally used. Remember that people often keep a number (including area code) when they move,even if they move out of the city or even state. The more information you have, the more likely your search will be successful.
  3. Try a Google search. The next step to finding a cell phone number is to do a general search on a search engine such as Google or Yahoo. Often you will find that the number is listed on a personal website and can get the owner’s name or address through this site.
  4. Perform a reverse look-up. If the general search did not help, then you need to to try a different method. Try a site designed for looking up cell numbers, or a reverse look-up site. For a small fee you can find out who's been dialing you from that cell phone.

Even unpublished numbers can usually be located through a paid reverse look-up website. Be aware that the site you choose should have a free section that provides the cellular service provider and general location of where the phone is based. They should also tell you if further information is available before you are asked to pay for anything.


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