How To Make a VoIP Call Through Your Cell Phone

VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) or Internet Telephony, as the name implies, is a system by which you can communicate with people by means of the Internet. With this system we are able to enjoy free calls from a one place to another, as long as there is the presence of an Internet connection that is able to contain the flow of information consistently. Since the net is practically connected to the entire information grid of the world then we may infer that mobile networks can be involved in such, thus the ability of using VOIP through your cellular phones.

First of all you must ensure that your phone is capable of making a VoIP call. Certain phone adapters and routers are necessary to be able to have access to these services and in addition your phone must be capable of accessing Wi-Fi zones. Another complication to add to these, are the actual providers, like Voxlib, Rebtel and iSkoot, which are only available for certain phones like i-phones or T-phones.

There are many different phones and many service providers there are various ways on how to make a call through your phone so here are some instructions on how to make a VoIP call through T-mobile phones available in the United States. T-mobile's Hotspot@home service is one of the services which are able to send calls through a VoIP network. It works through a "dual-mode" system which incorporates a regular cellular radio, which, of course, provides to you local cell phone provider  with a Wi-Fi radio, which enables the user to access a wireless internet network as provided by any Starbucks outlet in any mainstream country. The advantage of this dual-mode system is that there seems to be no problem with regards to switching from cellular charging to VoIP service charging as you get in and out of Wi-fi networks.

Here are the steps:

  1. You must first be able to access a Wi-Fi zone like a local coffee shop with a sign outside saying "Wi-Fi zone" or a nearby Starbucks so that you'll be able to connect to the internet and your phone will automatically recognize and connect to the network.
  2. Any calls that you will make will be recognized within that Wi-fi hotspot as VoIP calls as they are routed through the Internet connection. With Hotspot@home all the calls that you will make is free of charge.
  3. Any calls made out of range of that Wi-Fi hotspot are then turned into the regular phone services and charged directly through whatever means you are paying your phone bills.

Every other VoIP phone pretty much works the same way. Stay in the zone, you are charged by the VoIP service provider and gets out of the zone you are charged by your cellular phone company or your regular phone service provider. Wi-Fi phones on the other hand are incapable of switching to a regular provider when out of the coverage of a Wi-Fi hotspot and that is all that you need to know with regards to this VoIP technology in this ever changing world.


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