How To Make Cell Phone Batteries Last Longer

Cell phones have become much-loved gadgets, with any number of accessories and frills.  However, the real purpose of a cell phone is to allow us to communicate from almost anywhere at any time.  This function depends on your cell phone battery. There are times that a dead cell phone battery can be as frustrating as a dead car battery.  It may seriously impact your day. So what can you do to make your cell phone battery last longer?  There are many variables, but battery usage and life depend on a few simple things: the quality of the product, proper battery use, and efficient management of your cell phone's functions.

Follow the tips below for a longer and more efficient battery life. If you're already stuck with old cellular phone batteries though, you can read The Guide to Battery Reconditioning.

When you purchase a cell phone or a cellphone battery outside of a dealer, make sure that you are purchasing the manufacturer's product and not a cheap knock-off or even a used product.  If battery life is important, you can read up on various websites and find reviews on cell battery life. Just Google cell phone battery life and read some reviews.  Most cellphone batteries last between 3 to 8 hours, depending on whether the phone is actively being used during most of this time. Some manufactures claim their mobile phone batteries will last up to 12 hours; however, it's a good idea to read an independent site before making purchasing decisions, as these claims are not always accurate.  So the first step toward making your cell phone battery last longer is to simply buy a superior battery from a reliable source.

Proper use and maintenance also have a huge impact on length of use and the life of your mobile phone battery.  Initially, you should completely charge your battery and allow it to run down a few times.  If you need to store your battery for any period of time without using it, leave it partially charged and place it in a cool, dry place - possibly the refrigerator.  Be sure to use a cell phone battery charger provided or recommended by the manufacturer of your phone.  If your charger isn't the proper rating, your battery can overheat and be damaged.  If your cell phone battery eventually dies, recycle it or send it back to the manufacturer for refurbishing.  And contrary to information floating around the internet, once your battery is worn out, you can't refurbish it yourself by repeatedly draining and charging it. Remember: just like a car battery, eventually your cell phone battery will completely die out regardless of your maintenance.

There are many cell phone functions that unnecessarily sap battery charge.  One simple tip is to turn off your phone when you are not using it. Turning it off at night is extremely helpful in ensuring that your battery will stay charged during the day.  Also: when your cell is searching unsuccessfully for a signal, this quickly saps the battery.  You should turn off your phone when you are on a plane, in a parking structure for an extended amount of time, or when you know you are outside of your coverage.  Using the back-light or the vibrate functions also causes the battery to drain much more rapidly.  

Three of the greatest drains on your cell battery are bluetooth, internet usage and GPS.  If you aren't using these functions, turn them off.  Learn to navigate your cell phone's menu so you can quickly switch between these and other functions without spending too much time.  Just reducing or eliminating these usage habits will greatly extend your cell phone battery charge and ultimately its life.

Unless you are the exception, your cell phone has become an essential part of your life.  Games, fancy screen savers and extra functions are exciting - but remember, the real purpose of your cell phone is to be able to contact others for help or information from almost anywhere.  The best way to ensure that your cell never fails you is to learn to extend the life of your cell phone battery.  If you follow these simple rules, you can easily double your battery's usage and life.


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