How To Make Cute Cell Phone Covers

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Cell phones have become a necessity rather than a luxury item.  Millions of people have given up their landline phones and rely on their cell phones exclusively.  That means your cell phone needs to be with you at all times.

There are thousands of different cell phone covers.  Most covers are functional, but very plain.  They do a good job in protecting your cell phone from scratches and dents if it's dropped accidentally. Let's face it - a cell phone cover is an important investment! Do you know how to clean a cell phone? If you have a case, you won't need to nearly as often.

But there is nothing about a store-bought case that makes it uniquely yours.  Ladies especially love accessories that are feminine and stand out in a crowd.

The popularity of making personalized cell phone covers has increased dramatically.  You will find many patterns and instructions scattered throughout the Internet.  This article will share a basic pattern and simple instructions for making a cute cell phone cover that can be decorated in your choice of fabrics, beads, embroidery, and yarns.

Supplies Needed

  • Graph paper (for pattern)
  • Ruler or straight edge
  • Pencil
  • Decorative beads or sequins
  • Fabric paints
  • Buttons
  • Velcro
  • Snaps
  • Heat&Bond Ultra Hold Iron-on Adhesive (3/8" width)
  • Heat & Bond Medium Weight Iron-on Fusible Interfacing
  • 2 Pieces of felt measuring 8" X 9"
  • Needles
  • Thread to match fabric
  • Sewing machine (If unavailable you will sew by hand.)
  • Pinking shears (if available)

Make the Pattern

This pattern is very simple to make.   We will use this pattern for all of the variations of cute cell phone covers.

Graph paper makes this a very easy pattern to make.  There is a front and back pattern piece.  The back piece measures 7 ½ inches long on the left side (A), 3 inches across the bottom (B), and 4 ¼ inches on the right side (C).  The top of the cover comes in 1 ½ inches (D).  The inside of the straps extends 3 ½ inches (E).  The end of the strap is 1 inch across (F).  This pattern piece is in the shape of an "h".

The long piece at the top of the cell phone cover is the strap you will use to attach to a purse, belt, or belt loop.

The front pattern is a simple rectangle measuring 4 1/4 inches on the sides (A) and 3 inches across the top and bottom (B).

Making the Cover from Felt

When making a cell phone cover out of fabric, we will be creative with the front of the cell phone cover before attaching the front to the back.

Cut piece of front and back from the fabric of your choice with pinking shears.  We suggest you use felt for your first project.  Felt will not need a lining and the edges won't ravel.

Cut one piece, front and back, from fusible interfacing and fuse to your pieces.  This gives your fabric more stability.

Decorating the Front

You can decorate your front with beads, sequins and paints.  If you are handy with a needle, you can sew on beads in a pattern, embroider your name or initial, or sew on sequins.  You could also get a flower pattern or a pattern from a children's coloring book, cut your pattern from different colored fabrics, and fuse the pieces to the front.

When you've finished with decorating the front piece you can join the front and back with a running stitch in contrasting thread along the sides and bottom or fuse the edges with the iron-on adhesive.  Attach Velcro to the inside of the end of the strap and to the upper right hand corner of the front piece.  The loop can go around a purse strap, a belt, or a belt loop.

Using Yarn and Plastic Canvas

You can also cut the front and back from 7-count plastic canvas with regular scissors.  You will cover the front and back with running stitches or cross stitches, leaving the edges free for joining.

For a shaggy look cut your choice of yarn or purchase yarn specially cut for hooking rugs.  Use 7-count plastic canvas and complete the front and back.  Attach Velcro to the end of the inside of the strap.  Leave an area free of yarn at the top right of the front of the cover to attach Velcro.

You will be absolutely hooked on making your own cute cell phone covers.  You will want one to match every outfit and to give as gifts.  Have fun! And hey, if it doesn't turn out well, you can always buy cell phone cases online. So give it a try!


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