How To Make Your Own Funny Ringtone

Too bored of your old mobile top ringtone? Then add some color and laughter in your electronic life with a funny ringtone—sounds like a good idea, huh? And what will make it definitely better is if you are able to create your very own versions of a funny ringtone.

When you make your own set of audio ringtones, you can enjoy the uniqueness of your composition. But how? It actually does not require you to be an artist or a composer to make an effective one. Here's how to create your own funny ringtone:

  1. Record your own voice. Whatever you think is funny, say it to your phone recorder. You can record how you laugh, giggle, and any other funny sounds you can produce. If you can change your voice a bit, it is a good idea to make a comical monologue or even a dialogue. The key to creating a good one is your imagination.
  2. Catch other people's funny moments. In your household, for example, you can record your baby brother's fart, your dad's snore, or your mom's nagging. You can even record your younger sister's incorrect pronunciation of words and weird mumblings. Actually, there are a lot of things with funny themes that happen every day that can be an inspiration for a funny voice ringtone. If you will be observant to details, you can have a bunch of funny files for your audio ringtone.
  3. Be on the lookout for animal noises. Depending on how you see it, animal sounds can be a great addition to your funny files of audio ringtone. Do you have a pet dog, a bird, or a cat? Actually a talking parrot can be a funny theme for your ringtone. Or, if you happen to pass by a zoo, you can use the wildest of your imagination to record the funniest sound you will be hearing.
  4. Mix different sounds. There is actually a lot of software that allows you to create your very own top ringtone. If you have that kind of software, you can mix and match existing audio and funny files to create your comedy ringtone. There are a vast number of options and ideas for this one.
  5. Extract sounds from the Internet. There are actually some advanced ringtone makers that allow you to extract your choice of sounds in different Web sites like YouTube. If you have encountered a video on YouTube that sounds really funny to you, you can get that one and edit it to be your very own mobile caller identifier.
  6. Join networking sites. There are some sites on the Internet that allow you to download ringtones for free. Most of the time, these Web sites have a ringtone maker in their system allowing every member to make and share their own compositions. This is especially helpful if you don't have any software to help you out with the making of your funny ringtone.

So if you are a totally perky person with hidden talents of creativity and imagination, you definitely will come up with effective and unique funny ringtones. Who says you need to purchase a good ringtone for your mobile phone? Actually, at your own expense, you can create a top ringtone that everyone will want to have. In that case, many will enjoy your craft. Now, start looking for a prospective inspiration for your next funny ringtone.


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