Text Message Monitoring: Check Your Child's SMS Messages

Try SMS Messaging Software to Make Sure Your Children are Safely Texting

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Safety is always an important concern. This is especially true now with the prevalence of mobile phones and computers. Kids are particularly vulnerable since they are not as careful and discerning with the kind of information they share on the social networking sites they sign up for. Worse, predators who target children can easily send SMS text messages to random numbers hoping to bait unsuspecting kids and teenagers. One way of making sure you know who your kids are maintaining correspondence with is by monitoring their text messages. Here's how to monitor text messaging on your children's phones:

  1. Talk to your child about your intention to monitor his text messages. Have a dialogue with your child regarding this matter of text message monitoring. It is important to make him see the importance of monitoring his text messages. This way, he will not see it as you prying into his personal concerns, but rather he will understand the potential danger of SMS messages. If he resists, then your only choice is to force this set up with him. After all, your primary concern is your child's safety and not anything else.
  2. Access a SMS messaging software that is capable of monitoring cell phone text messages. Mobile phone monitoring can be done with the help of specific software applications. TextGuard and Mobile Spy are just two examples of such products. TextGuard and Mobile Spy are paid software applications that you will need to download onto the phone you want to monitor. After the download, you will be required to sign up for an online account. This online account is what you will use to monitor your child's text messages. On your online account's interface, you will see all the incoming and outgoing text messages. You will also have access to the Internet browsing history of the said mobile device. You can even block specific mobile numbers through your online account so your child would not receive anymore communications, may it be cell phone text messages or calls, from the identified number. AT&T, on the other hand, also provides monitoring of text messages but interested clients have to sign up and pay for the service as well.

Sure, your child has to be constantly monitored. But bear in mind that there are limits to your control over your child. This is why you should let him know that you trust him to be responsible in his handling of such freedoms. While monitoring his text messages is convenient, it can also cause rifts between you and your child. So be very clear when setting up rules regarding mobile phone use. Be firm about implementing hours of use. Also be sure to let him know that you will not allow him to check out websites with questionable content.


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