How To Negotiate with Cell Phone Companies

Many people think that they cannot negotiate with their cell phone companies. Often times, when the need for cell phone companies to become flexible arises they can also become flexible. One of the instances when cell phone companies become tolerant is when their clients have a change in their financial situations such as when they lose their jobs. Since there is a need for negotiation, here are some ways you can negotiate with your cell phone companies.

  1. Etiquette and behavior. You are there to negotiate with them and not fight a war. Be aware of your actions and make it a point to present yourself as civilized and knowledgeable individual that they can have an adult conversation with. This will allow you more freedom to negotiate with cell phone companies because they will see you as their equal and as a partner that they can talk with and not enemies that they have to be guarded against. Remember to respect the other person so that you will also be respected.
  2. Knowledge is power. Before trying to negotiate with cell phone companies you have to read up on their policies and their jargon. These are the main weapons they use against unsuspecting clients. They use technical terms and jargon and assume their customer’s ignorance to catch their clients off guard. Once their clients lose their guard it becomes very easy to prey on them. If you go there prepared you can easily take the upper hand because you will be the one who will take them off guard and this can become an advantage you can use.
  3. Control of power. Be aware of where the control of power in your conversations is. Do not let them have this power too long or too often or risk being sucked into their momentum. When this happens be consciously aware of the things that they are saying and if you notice something wrong, then say it in the best way you can. This can stop the momentum and give you the opportunity to build your own.
  4. Know some tricks and information you can use as leverage. There are many things you can do and say as leverage. Two of the most often used leverages are “thinking out loud of transferring to another company” and the “request before your payment”. The first one works as a last choice desperation attempt when you think that the negotiation is going nowhere. The trick to this strategy is that you do not make them feel like you are threatening them. It’s just that you are seriously considering other options. The other trick is usually used if you are already satisfied with want you want but you there are certain “requests” you would like to add.

Negotiating with cell phone companies is full of uncertainties so do not think that you will always get what you want. Be prepared for rejection but do not give up. Always weigh possible outcomes first and make sure that the possible outcomes that you have thought of are something that you can live with or something that you can do without.


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