How To Painlessly Lower your Cell Phone Bill

Cell phones are handy, but they often leave you in shock when you receive your monthly bill. Believe it or not, you can save yourself money on your cell phone bill without having to sacrifice much. Here are a few suggestions to help you painlessly lower your cell phone bill.

Step 1

Get a group discount. You can painlessly lower your cell phone bill by taking advantage of a group discount rate. If you're a family or an employer, you can get a discount for having more than one phone on a plan. This is great if you've got multiple cell phones in your house or company.

Step 2

Get bulk rates for texting. If you're an avid texter, then you probably pay per text. With an average of over 1000 text messages month per user, this can add up quite quickly. Lower this portion of your cell phone bill by opting for bulk texting plans. You'll pay a lump sum for a fixed number of text messages each month. And since you won't have to change your habits, this approach is painless.

Step 3

Purchase a pre-paid phone. If you don't use your cell phone very often, or you keep it around just for emergencies, then consider buying a pre-paid phone. Instead of monthly bills for a phone you don't use, a pre-paid phone allows you to only pay for the minutes you use, regardless of when you use them. (Just keep in mind that if you allow your minutes to expire without using them or topping them up, you will lose all of them and will have to pay for more before your phone will work again.)

Step 4

Go with a basic plan. If you were tempted with a plan boasting all the bells and whistles, you're probably paying for it through the teeth! Lower your cell phone bill by going with the services you need and nothing more. Monitor your usage and your needs throughout the month and then adjust your plan to reflect your needs, not what your cell phone company recommended or had on special the month you signed up.

Step 5

Negotiate with your cell phone provider. If you're a good negotiator, you may be able to painlessly lower you cell phone bill just by calling your cell phone provider. Ask for a lower rate, tell them you want more minutes for free and threaten to leave and cancel your contract. If you're a good customer, they likely won't want to see you go. Most cell phone companies have a little bit of negotiating room. All you have to do is ask.

Step 6

Set limits and parental controls. Perhaps the easiest way to lower your cell phone bill is to set limits and stick to them. Whether it's for you or for your chatty teenager, have rules about cell phone usage. Use landline phones whenever possible, limit or cancel text messaging if it's not absolutely necessary, and don't use the phone during peak hours. It's a bit of a change in habit, but you'll get used to it quickly. Before you know it, you won't have the pain of skyrocketing cell phone bills.


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Thanks! Great idea and very helpful fro me since I spend a lot with my cellphone. I also tried using a prepaid calling card by Pingo in making calls. They have this 'forum' coupon code and it helped me somehow in my calling expenses.

By Febe Sumayo