How To Put Music on a Blackberry Phone

Blackberry phones are becoming quite the rage now when it comes to smart phones. It is the gadget of choice for the tech-savvy since a Blackberry has many features. Aside from basic phone functions, it also provides music, video, Wi-Fi, e-mail, and corporate data access. It is quite attractive for the busy working individual. Some Blackberry users are also attracted to the music functions of the phone. That’s because it’s compatible with almost all type of audio files, and you can transfer these audio files from your desktop or laptop computer to your Blackberry and vice-versa. For first-time users, read on to find out how to put music on your own Blackberry.

  1. Turn off your Blackberry. Remove the back cover of your Blackberry to install your micro media secure digital card.
  2. Install the media secure digital card. Do this by removing the battery first and unlocking the digital cardholder. Then put the media secure digital card in the slot. Secure the cardholder, put the battery back and secure the back cover.
  3. Connect your Blackberry to your computer. Use the chord to connect your Blackberry to your computer’s USB port.
  4. Open your Blackberry folder. In your desktop or laptop computer, go to Start, click on My Computer, then click on the Blackberry icon. This folder should contain and show all your Blackberry folder contents—music, videos, ringtones, pictures, and files.
  5. Open your music files. In another window, open the folder that contains your music files. Select all the music files you want to use.
  6. Transfer your music files. You can transfer by right clicking on a music or audio file. Select “Copy”. Go to your Blackberry music or audio files folder, right click, and then select “Paste”. Another easier option is simply dragging your music file to your Blackberry folder. Do this until you finished transferring all the music and audio files you want.
  7. Disconnect your Blackberry from your computer. After you finished transferring music and audio files, close all the windows. Go to your toolbar and look for the icon for your Blackberry. Right click and then select “Remove software” or “Eject”. Only then can you disconnect the chord. Make sure you follow this procedure to prevent your Blackberry from being damaged.

For Mac users, follow steps 1 to 3 first, then these instructions:

  1. Go to your desktop and find the hard disk that says “No Name”. Double click to open.
  2. Open your Blackberry folder that should contain and show all Blackberry folders and files. Go to your music folder.
  3. Open your Mac music folder in another window.
  4. Select the music or audio file you want to use and drag it to your Blackberry music folder. Do this until you have transferred all music and audio files you want.
  5. When you have finished transferring music and audio files, close all windows. Then go back to the hard disk in your desktop that says “No Name”, right click it and select “Eject No Name”.

Blackberry phones are quite appealing to the modern, tech-savvy, and busy working individual. Aside from pictures, videos, Internet and data access, a Blackberry has cool music functions. You simply just have to connect your Blackberry to your desktop or laptop computer then transfer your music files. Enjoy winding down, or working to your favorite songs.


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