How To Put Songs on Sony Ericsson with Mac Book

For those of us who don't own an iPod, we can use our Sony Ericsson phones for personal music entertainment. The process of transferring songs from our MacBooks to our phones used to involve terminal hacks or scripts that an average user/music listener will naturally find confusing. Things are simpler now with third party synchronization and transfer utility programs. These applications enable two different machines: a cellular phone and a Macintosh laptop computer, to communicate with each other and facilitate data transfers between the two. A sample program that is known for its being easy enough for an average user to operate is 'Easy Listening'. Free demos and paid full versions of this program can be downloaded from the Internet.

1. Search for file transfer utility programs on the Internet for Mac OS and download it.

Continuing with the 'Easy Listening' example, this program can be found in the following sites:,, This program is developed by divinerobot, but it can be easily found in other sites using a search string like 'easy listening 1.1'.

2. Install the program.

Make sure that you have gotten the latest version of Easy Listening. At the divinerobot site, on the support page you'll find a Frequently Asked Questions section that will tell you some basic information regarding the program, such as system requirements and what particular models of Sony Ericsson phones are compatible. Remember that this program is not free and requires a serial number that comes when you purchase the full version. You can still download the free demo version for purposes of trying it out, but of course this will not have all the features. As with downloading any file from the Internet, you must first subject the file to a virus check. Installation is usually simple, as there will be step-by-step guide windows that will appear.

3. Execute the transfer.

Once installed, you can now attach your Sony Ericsson phone to your MacBook using a USB cable. Besides transferring songs one at a time, Easy Listening can also transfer playlists. But this feature is naturally dependent on whether your phone model is capable of creating playlists. In using this program, you can either copy or synchronize with iTunes. File synchronization or 'syncing' can keep your phone's playlist updated with the one in your MacBook.

4. Try the memory stick approach.

This is an alternative procedure to directly attaching your Sony Ericsson phone to your MacBook; handy in situations where you're not carrying both. Memory sticks are standard extensions to your phone's storage capacity. If you happen to have a card reader on your MacBook that can accommodate Memory Sticks, you can temporarily transfer the songs onto this intermediate device and simply carry it over to your phone at a later time.

Easy Listening is categorized as a Universal Binary program. This label is applied to all types of software that can run on both PowerPC and x86 Intel-based Macintosh computers. The terms 'PowerPC' and 'x86 Intel' simply refers to two general hardware versions of Mac computers. The implication is that Easy Listening can run on both old and new Macintosh computers.


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