How To Send Text Messages with Verizon

Over the years, text messaging has been one of the prime advantages of having mobile phones. Typing in your messages and sending them to the right person makes it convenient to connect and communicate. Though in some parts of the world, text messaging has been developed into something more than it should be such as managing your bank accounts, shopping with your mobile phone as your virtual wallet, paying your bills or looking for a directory, everything is done through a few clicks from your phone's keypad and using the text messaging service, you're done with your tasks. That's something that everyone is looking for—a hassle-free transaction.

Text messages have paved the way to a much more convenient communication. With a few words to type and a little charge from your bill, you're directly connected with your loved ones through test messages. Aside from voice and email features, text messaging is today's most popular way to communicate.

Text cell phones have varieties of features for its users. Some information relating to text messaging are add-on services or value-added services provided by different mobile carriers in different parts of the world.

Text messages are one of the key features of America's leading telecommunications provider, Verizon. Here are the ways to fully enjoy this service using your Verizon-powered phone and computer:

  1. Send text messages using your Verizon phone. Through your text-enabled phone, you can send direct mobile services to other mobile users by using the Short Messaging Service or SMS. Just type in your desired message and then send it to any US phones with 10-digit mobile numbers.
  2. Send text messages through your PC. Verizon offers SMS text service through its Create your personal text messages through the dashboard found at the Verizon's Send-A-Text page.
  3. Send text messages via e-mail. Using your any e-mail, Verizon subscribers can send text messages through any e-mail addresses available in the world. Users can receive text messages through their special Verizon e-mail accounts with this format: nickname' or using the subscriber's 10-digit mobile number plus

That's it! Three different ways to enjoy text messaging through Verizon. Surely, you'll never run out of reasons to send in your cute shout outs to your special someone. Be it flirty or romantic or the other way around, your text message will certainly put a smile to the intended person. So start sending in your love messages or text jokes and enjoy the benefits of texting!


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