How To Set Your "Out of Office" Message on BlackBerry

The modern world may be blamed for the sophistication in our communications technology. The development of electronic mail and short messaging services has revolutionized the way we conduct not just our businesses but also our personal life. When we are done with office works, as when we are on a vacation or just at home after office hours, we usually set our emails in an “away” mode. This setting would be responsible in responding to the emails sent to us every time we are out of office. But sometimes we just forget to change our email settings before leaving our offices. This is no longer a problem now because our Blackberry's, “out of office” message may be set. Here is how.

  1. Go to your Blackberry’s messages menu. First, go to the messages screen. Once you are there, click the applications button of your blackberry. It is the button with dots that you could see on the left side on your Blackberry's pearl mouse. And then select ‘options’. Use the trackwheel that can be seen at the side of your blackberry, if yours does not have a pearl mouse (Remember, pearl mouse can only be seen on certain models of Blackberry, particularly on the latest ones).
  2. Select email settings. Once you are in options of the messages menu, scroll down and select email settings by clicking to choose. And scroll down again to “use out of office reply”. Select “yes” by clicking the “no”. Select “yes” and then click to choose.
  3. Set up the text box that will appear. After selecting yes, a text box will appear. Edit whatever information you will see on the text box. You will also have to construct a message in it. Do not be surprised to see a message in the text box. It is normal if you have already used “out of office” message before. The last message will really be with it. After editing and constructing message, click the “save” button.
  4. It is now ready for use. After clicking the save button, your “out of office” message is now ready for use. The message will be sent to those who will email you when you are out.
  5. Final tips. Once you are back, never forget to revert your e-mail’s status back to normal. Otherwise, you would be repelling off messages even if you were already around. Also, it would be good to leave names and contacts information of people the senders may contact in case of emergency. You should notify the people that you are leaving their contacts, and that they will be temporarily in charge of matters while you are away.

Blackberry, in the recent years, has become a major player and innovator in the communications field. It has actually spearheaded various communications advances just like the “out of office” message. Now, the worry of failing to change your email set-up to correspond to your messages should be thrown out of the window. With just few clicks of your blackberry, “out of office” message can be activated.


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