How To Trace a Cell Phone's Text Messages

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Getting prank text messages from unknown numbers can bother your daily routines or at the least, ruin your mood. Especially if these prank text messages are offensive, harassing or personally threatening, you would want a way to figure out who is sending the prank text messages. Regardless of the reason, you might want to trace who sends you text messages in your cell phone.

If you want to know how to trace a cell phone’s text messages, the suggestions listed below might help.

  • Find the number sending you text messages. The text messages you receive come with a number that indicates the sender. Depending on your phone model, you can find this number in your text message inbox or attached to the text message you received. List down the cell phone number sending you prank or offensive text messages. If the text messages are offensive or threatening, do not delete these messages for future reference.
  • Ask around. The simplest way to trace a cell phone’s text messages or find out who sends the text messages is to ask your friends or family if they are familiar with the number. You can use your friend or family’s cell phone to input the number of the untraced cell phone text message sender. After dialing the number into their cell phone, press the dial or call button. While the network is connecting to the number, a number should appear along with the number. In the event that only the number appears without a name, chances are your friend or family member does not know the owner of the number that sends you the text messages.
  • Get online. Go online and input the cell phone number you got from step two in the Google search bar. You can also use other search engines for other possible results. Use variations of inputting the number sending you offensive or prank text messages in the event that you cannot find a name and address from searching via Google. If you find the sender’s name and address, you can move on to other measures for putting a stop to the text messages by texting or calling the person sending you offensive text messages.
  • Sign up for special services. You can find specialized services that offer cell phone message tracing online. Online providers of reverse cell phone lookup can trace where and from whom the text messages come from. For a small fee, they can trace the sender of the text messages and you can find out who sends the text messages you received. Make sure you find a good reverse cell phone lookup service provider that has no hidden charges or fees so you will not regret your purchase.

Tracing the sender or senders of text messages is sometimes necessary so you can take proper action against these text messages. You can trace a cell phone’s text messages by following the tops above. Make sure you take note of the cell phone number sending you text messages, use a search engine to find out who the sender is the easy way, and sign up for special services that offer cell phone text message tracing services online if the text messages are getting offensive or abusive.


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