How To Trace a Phone Number of an Unknown Caller

Trace a Phone Number for Free and Perform a Cell Phone Reverse Look Up

There are few things as irritating as getting repeated phone calls from an unknown number, especially if the calls come in the middle of the night. The easiest way to combat these calls is to find out who is calling, and then get them to stop. The first step is to trace the unknown caller.

Of course, this is sometimes easier said than done... there are ways to trace phone numbers on your own, and then there are fast and easy ways to do it with a little help. 

Follow these steps and you will be on your way to getting the information you need. 

  1. Use your caller ID. If you have a land line, you can opt to activate caller ID for that phone. Using it provides the name and phone number associated with incoming calls. If the call comes from a private or unlisted number, you should see a number but no name. Caller ID comes standard on most cell phones.
  2. Get as much information about the phone as possible. Make sure you know the entire number, including area code. If at all possible, you need to find out if the number is a cell phone or land line. In some urban areas with multiple area codes, they designate one area code specifically for cell phones that is different from land line area codes.  
  3. Try a Google search. The next step to finding a cell phone number is to do a general search on a search engine such as Google or Yahoo. This is one way to trace a phone number for free. Often, you will find that the number is listed on a personal website and can get the owner’s name or address through this site.
  4. Perform a cell phone reverse look-up. If the general search did not help, then you need to try a site designed for looking up cell phone numbers. Most of these sites will be fee based, however. There are several options for free reverse phone call searches such as or Free look-up sites will only provide information for listed land line phone numbers. They may provide a general area for a cell phone or unlisted number but the information will be limited.
  5. Move your search to a fee required website. You pay a small fee, but they get the job done without any more hassle.
  6. If all else fails, try calling the number. This may not be a wise choice because it may get you a marketing company trying to make a sales call or even someone you really don’t want to talk to. If you cannot find information from the previous five steps, then you either have to call the number or just give up trying to find out the source.

Tracing an unknown caller may be a lot more effort than you are willing to give. Still if you need to trace the call, you should be successful following these steps.


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