How To Transfer Pictures from Your Cell Phone

Technology has brought us many marvels that we didn't expect in previous years. They brought us digital cameras, mp3 players, webcam and other inventions that make our life easier. One great invention is the cellular phone.

Nowadays cell phones cannot only call or send text messages, but they have added features such as the camera. This is very handy, since the cell phone can be brought along anywhere and at the same time, can be used to capture that striking memory you wouldn't want to forget. You can then upload your pictures to your computer. The problem is, perhaps you are too much of an old school person and you don't know how to transfer your pictures to your PC. Well worry no more, because this guide will show you how to transfer pictures from your cell phone.

There are numerous ways to transfer your pictures to your PC. Here are some examples:

E-mail.  If your phone is configured to send messages via e-mail, then you could attach the pictures to your messages. You could also send your pictures directly to the email (without attaching them to messages) if your phone has this feature. Just access the picture, hit the menu button, on the "To:" box type in the email, then press send. Accessing the Internet on your phone is not actually for free though, since most wireless service providers provide an additional charge per minute every time you use this service.

Bluetooth wireless device. You can use these devices if your cell phone has the Bluetooth wireless technology and your computer has a module for accepting files via Bluetooth. The good thing is that transferring files is 100% free - whether it's 1 or 500 files, it's completely free. Most Bluetooth modules (for the USB) are around $25 and will last you a long time.

Data Cable. Camera phones usually can connect directly to computers via the USB ports with the help of a data cable. Data kits however, are sold separately for a majority phones. You need to know the specifics of your phone whenever you buy your data kits. Once connected, your PC will recognize your phone and you can start uploading your PC with your pictures. Although data kits are pricier than the Bluetooth modules, the former's transfer speed is much faster.

Memory Card Readers. Many new cell phones have memory card slots available on them. This allows you more storage space for whatever file you have on your phone. Your pictures can be stored on your phone's memory card. Once you know how this works, just buy a cheap memory card reader at your nearest computer hardware retailer. Oh and before you buy a card reader, make sure it is compatible with the type of memory card that you are using. Once you have your card reader, turn off your phone and take the memory card out of your phone. Insert the memory card to your card reader and insert it the USB slot (usually). The computer will automatically assign a drive letter to your reader (usually drive F). Remember to put your memory card back on your PC.

The way things are now provide many options that allow you to save those precious moments from your phone to your computer.


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