How To Troubleshoot a Cell Phone

Cellular phones are now part of our communication necessity. Along with owning a cell phone is the responsibility to know how to troubleshoot simple cell phone problems. You don’t want to always run to a technician and spend some bucks just for a problem you can fix yourself. So, learn now to save money later. Below summarizes common cell phone problems and some solutions to help you.

Usual Technical Problems

  • Display problems. Have you been in an extremely hot or cold place? Extreme temperature can affect the display on cell phones. Bring it to room temperature and wait for some minutes. The normal display should be back by then.
  • Wet cell phone. Separate the battery from the phone. You can also disassemble the simple phone parts like housing and keypad. Let the parts dry thoroughly. Wipe off rust using a stiff brush, in case some corrosion has developed.
  • Battery doesn’t charge. Check if the charger is the problem. Borrow a charger from a friend and see if it will work. Test the outlet, too, if it’s working. Borrow a battery too. If the battery’s the problem, then you have to replace it with a new one.
  • Phone doesn’t turn on. The battery should be charged enough to turn the phone on. Push the On button longer. If nothing happens, remove the battery from the phone. Brush the dirt away from the battery’s part that connects to the phone. Put the battery again and try to turn on the phone.

Call Problems

  • Long distance calls not allowed. Maybe your service provider requires a PIN number for long distance calls. It’s better to check with your provider’s customer service to know how to make a long distance call.
  • Can’t receive calls. Check the settings of your phone if its automatic voice-mail picks up or the call forwarding is turned on. Check the ringer volume, too. Change location also, in case the signal is too weak for the call to be connected to you. The antenna should be up as well. This will help you get better reception and hear the caller better.
  • Can’t make a call. Check your signal and change location if it has weak signal. Check the area code, other codes, and number, too. Try using a PIN also. Maybe you have a restriction on making a call. Maybe you don’t have enough credits to make a call. It’s best to call the customer service to resolve this issue.

Almost all of the mentioned common cell phone problems above should have been resolved, even never existed, if only all cell phone users learned how to read the manual before using the device. The manual is like the Bible of your phone. All the things you should know on how to properly take care of the device are there, even how to make simple troubleshooting.

So, better read your manual now. It’s your key to taking care of your phone and at the same time, avoiding further phone problems. Check your phone settings. Maybe you have set some features that have not been activated or turned off that is why you are experiencing problems. Familiarizing your phone better will be helpful for resolving any tricky issues later.


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