How To Understand the iPhone's Field Test Mode

The iPhone is the smart phone designed and manufactured by Apple. The iPhone allows you to connect to the Internet, make phone calls, send text messages, listen to music and take pictures. It has a multi-touch screen instead of the usual keypad seen on most mobile phones. The iPhone has a hidden field test mode. This test mode is used by the technicians of Apple in order to know the different networks that are accessed by the iPhone.

Here's how to understand the field test mode of iPhone:

  • Accessing iPhone's field test mode - To access the field test mode of your iPhone, you can punch in "3001#12345#*" without the quotation marks. Call the number. The field test menu should pop up on your screen. At this point, you should continue to be connected to the phone call that you made. The field test mode shows information, such as the cell towers in ranges and also the cell phone network.
  • Main menu - The main screen of the field standard screen test mode will give you several options for the information that you want to view. These are namely the Call Information and Versions, Network Information, Cell Information, GPRS Information and PDP Information.
  • Network information - The network information main screen on the field test mode provides technical data on the network of AT&T. One of the things that you will see on the main screen include the RX LevFull. This part shows the strength of the signal that the phone transmits during a phone call.
  • Cell information - The cell information shows the details regarding the cell phone towers that are in range of the phone. Some of the data that you will see on this menu are the signal strength received by the phone, the station ID of the tower, the frequency band, the cell tower ID, the network ID and a status code.
  • GPRS - The next is the GPRS information screen. For this, you will be shown the information and details regarding the position of the phone's GPRS to the cell phone network. For this screen, you will see the type of connection used, the Access Point Name and the IP address of your iPhone.
  • Call information - The call information screen provides the details of the call that you are making. Another thing that you can see on this screen is the codec that is used to compress the voice call. Different codecs. The voice quality depends on the codec and bandwidth.

Here are some of the details that you will see on the field test mode of the iPhone. It is advisable not to go into the field test mode of the iPhone as this may result in the damage of the phone unit. You can also obstruct the cell phone network by tampering with the field test mode. The purpose of this mode is to help the field engineering of the iPhone technicians. If you want to know how to learn more about the field test of the iPhone, you can check out Apple's Web site.


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