Unlocking Cell Phones: Unlocked Cell Phone Codes

Learn Seven Ways for Mobile Phone Unlocking to Change Providers

Most cell phones are purchased from a provider and are part of a service agreement that can tie you down and to force you to continue using their service. If you want to change providers, you typically have to change phones as the providers can lock your phone to their particular network. Cell phones can also have a personal lock function. No matter the reason, it can be unlocked if you follow these steps.

How to unlock a cell phone:

  1. Enter your personal code. If you have locked your phone to put it in your pocket, you should be able to enter your personal code and unlock it. Unlock codes for mobile phones often mean a secret password the user has programmed.
  2. Contact your original service provider or visit one of their retail locations who will unlock Businessman contacting clientsphones. If you have forgotten your personal code, contact your service provider and they should be able to help. If you need the unlock code to change providers, the original provider should be your first call. Recent legislation has pushed many providers to give you the unlock code upon request. Be aware that if you haven’t fulfilled your contract, they are under no obligation to provide the code. There may also be a fee to obtain the code.
  3. Search the Internet. There are several free websites that provide tips for unlocking your cell phone. The sites are geared toward specific brands or even specific phone models when unlocking phones. Type in “Unlock Cell Phone for Free” and the brand (Nokia, Samsung, Blackberry, etc.) and hit search. Several sites for unlocking cell phones should come up that can help. Have your phone with you because you may need to open it up to get some code information.
  4. Contact an unlocking service. The Internet is full of companies that can unlock your phone. Be aware there is a fee. The cost varies by type of phone, so shop around to a few sites to get the best deal.
  5. Try free unlocking software. Phone unlock software such as www.filefactory.com/file/35182a, is where you can download File Factory Basic. This is a free program. Follow the instructions to download the program. A screen will open that shows TUGA-GSM.com at the top. You will need to enter the Brand, model, your country location, the service provider and the IMEI of the phone. Once you enter the information and click on the calculate button, the code to enter into your phone will be shown.
  6. Follow the instructions specific to your phone. Whether you find a free website with directions for unlocking your phone or you use a paid service to unlock cell phones, follow the directions to the letter. Some phones only allow a limited number of attempts to unlock before they lock permanently.
  7. If all else fails, replace the SIM card. Purchase a new SIM card unattached to the cell provider. You may lose some of your saved contact information and ring tones so use this option only as a last resort.

Unlocking is certainly possible, however there are ways to buy an unlocked cell phone and not go through the hassle of codes and providers. This allows you to choose a provider who will not force you into finding ways of unlocking mobile phones. It is something to consider to avoid contracts. I mean really, should you have to go through mobile phone unlocking when you are the one paying the bill?


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