How To Unlock the Motorola Razr

One of the more interesting marketing concepts in recent times comes from the mobile phone segment. Mobile phone manufacturers have been tying up with telecommunication service providers in exclusive agreements that promote both their businesses. This strategy has consumers left stuck with only the preferred service provider and not much freedom in choosing or switching their mobile service providers. Because of a huge public outcry against such monopoly coupled with some very ingenuous hacking, there is now a solution on hand for consumers who do not want to be tied to a single carrier. You can now unlock phones with previously restricted access, and have the option of signing up with a service provider of your choice.

Latest versions of the Motorola Razr come unlocked and ready for use if you've bought them through legitimate channels. If you still have a locked model, this article explores the ways in which you can unlock your handset.

Step 1

Getting the code from your mobile service provider. This is one way to get your Razr unlocked. You can visit the service provider's office in person or contact them through their website online and obtain the code for unlocking your phone. Some providers, however, may refuse to provide you with the code, on account of their security policies, so you may need to look at other avenues for unlocking the phone.

Step 2

Getting the code from the store where you purchased the Razr. Another option is where you can go back to the store from which you bought the phone along with the necessary proof of ownership and ask for the unlocking code. Based on store policy, you may get the code immediately or wait for a few days for them to get the necessary approvals to provide you with the code.

Step 3

Using a remote unlocking service. Browse the Web to locate any of the numerous services that allow you to unlock the phone by yourself, using software and instructions provided for a fee. You will need to provide the exact phone and model version number, once you've made a secure payment.

Step 4

Unlocking the phone. Once your payment has been processed, the company will provide you with the code to unlock the particular model of the phone you own. Follow the accompanying instructions carefully and input the code into your phone. Once, the code is input, your phone is ready to use. Make sure you've quoted the correct phone and model number, because each will have a unique code.

Following the simple guidelines listed here will enable you to unlock your Motorola Razr phone and begin using it as soon as possible. You can then look to downloading content and personalizing the phone to match your personality and requirements.


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