How To Use a Cingular SIM Card on T-Mobile Phone

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As technology advances, more and more gadgets become available to consumers. Nowadays, it is true that mobile phone is already considered as one of the necessities for humans. On the contrary, buying a mobile phone can give you headache especially when you purchase it from source aside from AT&T or Cingular. Most carriers lock their phones, so that you can only use it with their network. Follow these steps on how to use an AT&T or Cingular card on T-mobile cellular phone.  

  • The first thing you should do is to unlock your phone with the proper code. Cell phone brands such as LG, Samsung, and Nokia be easily unlocked by providing a particular code straight when you switch your cell phone on. For instance, if you have entered the code *2767*2878# to Samsung X495 it will unlock the phone. On the other hand, several brands and models of cellular phone such as Sony Ericsson, Blackberry and Motorola can be unlocked with the use of various programs and cables.
  • Check over the internet for the codes and special applications needed for a specific brand and model. You can also go to stores intended for cell phones and inquire about the information you need for unlocking your phone. Most of the time, a cell phone dealer or manufacturer as well as your service provider can give you the right code for your cell phone.
  • After you have unlocked you cellular phone, you can now insert your Cingular or AT&T sim card. Take off the cover from the back of your phone and place in a secure and reachable location, because you will have to return the cover later. 
  • Remove the battery out from your phone. You have to make sure that you have turned your cell phone off before removing the back cover and the battery. After this, you can see the SIM card slot below the battery. Some cellular phones such as Nokia and Motorola have hinged protector that will be opened on the sim card slot. 
  • Insert your AT&T or Cingular SIM card into the card slot by sliding it inside. You have to make sure that you slide it in the right way. The gold chip must be against the cell phone while the sim card's cut off corner must be on the top of the phone.   
  • After inserting your Cingular or AT&T sim card into the slot, you can already replace the battery as well as the cover. Next thing to do is to switch on your phone and test it. Attempt a call. A message stating that the SIM is not available might mean several problems. First, turn off the phone and see if the SIM is properly inserted. If you can't still make a call or send a message using your phone, enter another unlock key, or better yet bring your cell phone to a shop or even your provider's office to fix it.

There are many ways in order for you to use a Cingular sim card to your T-Mobile phone. All you have to do is have your phone properly unlocked and fixed.


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