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Due to the events that occurred in 9/11, cell phone tracking has been a major part of American life.  The use of GPS chips in all standard cell phones became a necessity and even a trend to make the life of the various government agencies that are tasked to defend the citizenry of the US at all costs a whole lot easier, even if it meant saying goodbye to privacy.  With the advancement in today’s Internet technology, you don’t really need to install tracking software or a GPS chip on a particular phone to track it.  The Internet, particularly, Google has tools that you can use to turn a measly cell phone into a tracking device.  Of course, you and the people you are tracking will have to agree on this invasion of privacy though.  In any case, here are some details on the matter.

  • Know what Google Latitude is.  Google latitude is a revolutionary online application that focuses on linking cell phones to its network.  This is the perfect tool to keep track of where you friends or family are at.  It is actually a fantastic cell phone tracking tool to ensure that your wife or children are safe and secure.  And, in times of emergencies, you can easily find out where they are at as the system works in relation with Google Maps which will definitely pinpoint the location of the particular cell phone.
  • Sign up for Google.  To use Google Latitude, you will need to be a Google Account holder with a valid Gmail account.  To create these two accounts in one shot, all you have to do is create a Gmail account.  Log on to and create your free email.  Upon completion of the sign up, the same username and password will be valid for Google accounts and Latitude as well.
  • Visit Google Latitude.  Log in to your Gmail account and open up the menu at the top of the page to open Google Latitude using your account or you can simply open up a new page while still logged on to Gmail and visit  At the primary page of the site, you will be prompted to input your cell phone number.  Type it in and hit enter.  This will send you a confirmation link to your cell phone and to your email.  Confirm the request and configure your new Google Latitude account.  Make sure to have your location update automatically so that you no longer need to update it manually.
  • Include other phones into your Latitude.  Grab the cell phones of your kids and wife and send invites from Latitude to the phone.  Once the confirmation link comes, confirm it to register the phone into the network.  You will need to have each person create their own Google and Latitude account similar to what you have done.  Make sure to configure their settings as well.  Once all of your family members have Google Latitude set, you can now track their whereabouts using the Google network all the time.

Google Latitude is a fantastic tool that can convert a normal cell phone into an online tracking device which will be invaluable in ensuring that you know exactly where the people you love are.  This will fight off the possible threats like kidnapping and robbery.


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